Bella Hadid stopped rumors that the gala corset she met was so tight that she “blacked out”

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Bella Hadid is cleaning the air after the publication twists her words, following an interview about the appearance of the Met Gala in 2022.

This year’s theme for the prestigious annual event is ““America: Fashion Anthology”, especially with a golden appeal, Hadid teamed up with Burberry to create a “simple but chic” look.

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I wore a fit leather corset bodysuit decorated with model, 25. A silver-studded hook that outlines her waist. She added lace tights, matching gloves, and Gilded Age’s signature fashion material to complete the look with a black train.

Talk to interviewHadid told the magazine about the anxiety he felt while walking on the red carpet.

“I literally went black, as I liked. I don’t think I took a good photo on the red carpet,” she said. “”Looking back, I noticed that people were literally standing there for 20 minutes and giving me. I looked at the left once and the right once and ran up the stairs. “

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The model added that she couldn’t be there for “more than three minutes.”

“I don’t know if it was my anxiety or my back hurts and I couldn’t breathe. That’s probably a lot happening,” she explained.

Following the interview, another publication quoted Hadid in the headline. “Bella Hadid jokes that the corset was” blacked out “on the Met Gala carpet because of the tightness. “I couldn’t breathe.” “

Hadid immediately went to her Instagram story and stopped rumors claiming that her ensemble was too tight.

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“I want to make something very clear …” she started an Instagram statement. “This is not what I did [meant to] say. I didn’t say I was blacked out because of the corset. “

“I joked that it was pitch black, not because of the corset, but because of the regular anxiety and excitement of the carpet,” Hadid continued. “I meant something that would pass by in a blink of an eye. I don’t remember in a blink of an eye! I should have said it.”

In a post on Tuesday, Hadid said:Corsets are generally quite uncomfortable and strain the lungs, “but her corset” has enough space to eat and drink. ”

Bella Hadid stopped rumors that the gala corset she met was so tight that she “blacked out”

Source link Bella Hadid stopped rumors that the gala corset she met was so tight that she “blacked out”

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