Bell: Daniel Smith talks, Rachel Notley sneers

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Hear that sound.

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That’s the clash of swords.

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Prime Minister Daniel Smith: With NDP leader Rachel Notley, Ottawa before Alberta. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and pre-constitutional federal NDP boss Jagmeet Singh.

NDP Leader Rachel Notley: Smith is completely delusional. she is desperate she’s above her head she doesn’t know what she’s doing

You knew Smith would double down to defend the Sovereignty Act of her fight against the Federal Reserve. You knew she wouldn’t miss what she saw.

At least everyone who read yesterday’s graffiti knew.

Smith said in parliament on Wednesday that Notley is asking the Trudeau government to approve the UCP’s sovereignty bill if it passes Congress.

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On Wednesday, a Notley official said that the NDP leader misheard a Newshound question that Trudeau wouldn’t take any options off the table on sovereignty law, after blaming Smith for questioning it from the press.

By the way, the nuclear option is for Ottawa to nuke everything.

“I don’t know what they’re doing, so if they back off the act, that’s the right thing to do.”

Notley says that “they” she was talking about were the Smith government, and that “they” who didn’t know what “they” were doing were also the Smith government.

It didn’t matter to Smith. The prime minister didn’t buy it.

She doesn’t believe in Notley. She doesn’t believe her Notley is telling the truth.

Instead, Smith calls Notley’s answer to reporters “a moment of pristine clarity.”

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Everyone could see Smith’s strategy.

Smith wants to associate Notley with Trudeau and Sinn. Full stop. that’s play.

“Will she call on her best friend Justin Trudeau and her Federalist Jagmeet Singh to instruct their coalition government to nullify and void the laws in our country?” Smith said. asked and demanded that he apologize to Notley.

Notley tells the scriber that she suspects Smith’s office is overwhelmed with angry callers, including job creators who want to know what’s going on.

“I don’t take it too seriously,” said the Alberta NDP leader, who said the prime minister was after her.

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We all want to go to hell in Ottawa if Smith’s Sovereignty Act sets the state and most of the state’s politicians are on Smith’s side and decides that federal law is unconstitutional or harmful to Alberta. I know that it is set to direct to .

However, in the fight against Ottawa, there are many quarrels over the amount of power Smith’s entourage possesses to change laws and give orders to the police, local authorities, health officials and others.

This is such a big mystery to solve, as the Sovereignty Act could be used over and over again in all sorts of battles if the Smith government gets its way in the spring.

In fact, it will.

At Congress, Notley spoke of business leaders feeling uncertain and frustrated with Smith.

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She accuses Smith of serving her “far-right, fringe, separatist base.”

Smith lashes out at Notley and the Liberal-NDP alliance in Ottawa.

After the dust has settled, Notley asks your scribe if you’re really sure Smith has the support of most Albertans, whether she’s going to the election, or at least Calgary, to test her supposed popularity. He said it should be called a by-election in Elbow.

How does Notley feel about Smith and her UCP portrayal of selling Alberta to Trudeau and Shinn?

“For as long as I’ve been there, they’ve been basing these claims on pretty much zero facts. People are sick of it,” says Notley.

“What they see is a lack of stability, a lack of competence across the crew. Plus, they don’t trust them.

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“They’re trying to say what they’re trying to say.”

Known for his ability to read political tea leaves, conservatives believe many Albertans would support a government without Kenny. Attitude to everyone.

I realized that I had to ask Notley, the Kenney government, or the Smith government, and she clearly wanted neither.

“You know, under Jason Kenny, I disagreed with most of what he did, but he had a moderate level of competence in carrying out plans that I disagreed with. I thought there was,” she says.

“I am still divided about these people, in fact even more divided in some cases, but I have zero competence. is very unstable.”

A final blow to the UCP leadership race with Smith elected with the support of Alberta’s 1%.

“She’s very arrogant and doesn’t fully respect that fact.”

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Bell: Daniel Smith talks, Rachel Notley sneers

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