BC Private Clinic Received $393 Million in Government Contracts Over Last Six Years: Report

Over the past six years, BC has spent nearly $400 million on contracts with private surgical and imaging clinics.

According to a report from the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives, the province has awarded $393 million in contracts to private clinics to provide services within the public system.

“The government of British Columbia has recently seen some positive moves to increase access to MRIs and reduce waiting lists for surgery in the public health system,” said the report’s author and health policy maker. analyst Andrew Longhurst said. “However, these figures show a troubling reliance on referral to for-profit clinics.”

Annual payments increased from $47.9 million in 2015/16 to $75.4 million in 2020/21, a 57% increase. According to the report, the largest annual increase was 21% in his 2016/17, the year after the BC liberal government plans to increase surgical privatization.

Longhurst was also concerned about additional billing, the practice of clinics personally billing patients for medically necessary procedures already covered by the public health care system. The additional claim violates both the Canadian Health Act and he BC Medicare Protection Act.

“Instead of tackling illegal additional charges head-on, the state’s strategy is to increase outsourcing to private surgical clinics, but those contracts must comply with state and federal law. are using one form of privatization (outsourcing or outsourcing) to curb another form (two-tiered healthcare paid for by those who can afford it),” Longhurst said. increase.

In an email obtained by Longhurst through a Freedom of Information request, B.C.’s Deputy Health Minister Stephen Brown discussed continuing the contract with the owner of False Creek Surgical Center.

Health Minister Adrian Dix was asked about the report at a press conference on Wednesday (24 August). Dicks disputed his report, saying the findings were inaccurate.

“We have created a report that talks about diagnostic care and MRIs, not saying that while the number of private MRIs has decreased dramatically, the number of public MRIs has increased dramatically, but we are calling it the corporatization of health care. It’s not fair to say there is. Exactly.”

Dix pointed to government efforts to increase public MRIs, knee replacements and hip replacements in recent years.

“Always put patients first. The best way to serve patients is to build a public healthcare system. You might want to, but the evidence overwhelmingly goes in the opposite direction.”

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BC Private Clinic Received $393 Million in Government Contracts Over Last Six Years: Report

Source link BC Private Clinic Received $393 Million in Government Contracts Over Last Six Years: Report

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