BBC-produced document on controversial tech tycoon Elon Musk

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As Elon Musk is talking about his tricks to buy Twitter, the venerable British broadcaster BBC has announced plans to produce a documentary about the controversial tech billionaire.

deadline The BBC reports that it has turned “The Elon Musk Show” into a green light. This is a new three-part series about the lives of Tesla’s founders and potential future owners of Twitter.

The series comes from 72 films that recently produced the Netflix document Jimmy Savile: The British Horror Story, where one of Britain’s most beloved television personalities is a pediatric sexual predator. But I’m digging into what happened.

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according to deadline, The filmmaker has already interviewed Mask’s friends, family and colleagues. They “tell the intimate story of his journey to become the wealthiest and most controversial figure in the world.”

Using the invisible footage of the Mask era in Silicon Valley, the series delves into important moments in his career, from his early tech startups to today’s celebrities. Analyze key moments in Mask’s career from tech start-ups to the present.

“You can’t escape Elon Musk,” said series directors Marian Mohammed (“Defending Diga D”) and Jeremy Ruwellin Jones (“War Zone”). “Recording the greatest story of the day is always exciting. Our series goes inside Elon’s inner circle and examines the astonishing rise of billionaires and the truth behind this modern icon. “

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Simon Young, BBC Commissioning Editor, described Mask as “one of the most mysterious and intriguing people in the world.”

BBC-produced document on controversial tech tycoon Elon Musk

Source link BBC-produced document on controversial tech tycoon Elon Musk

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