Basically perfect 30 movies

All movies are products of the time, but comedy needs special attention. LWhat is interesting to a generation may seem to be old or toothless after decades, as daughters are often based on behaviors that violate social norms. that’s why”It’s worth noting that this almost 78-year-old screwball teaser from writer / director Preston Sturges is still very cheerful.

The plot is much more mature than expected in the 1940s. A small town gal, Trudy Kockenlocker, goes out to a bar to celebrate with the boys before heading to the war.She drank too much The next morning, I wake up with a ring, but I can’t remember who I was married to (“…” z z Initialize. Like Ratzkywatzky. Or was it Zitzkywitzky? “).To make matters worseDuring pregnancy When Minus one marriage license.

Scripts with innuendo that just get the kookier from there, of course, ran into problems with the censors of that era.It’s incredibly tame by today’s standards, but it’s still sharp and interesting throughout. (If you’re a classic movie fan who thinks Sturges should be featured on this list Sullivan trip also Ready Eve Instead, I can’t argue too much. ) — Joel Cunningham

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Basically perfect 30 movies

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