Barack Obama reunites with Jacob Philadelphia 13 years after the photo of “My Hair”

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Former President Barack Obama is reconnecting with an old friend. On Friday, a 60-year-old politician shared a video of his reunion with new graduate Jacob Philadelphia on his Instagram page.

The two first met in 2009 when Jacob was visiting the Oval Office with his father, Carlton Philadelphia, a former National Security Council staff member. The then five-year-old brother and his brother talked to the then president, and Jacob asked one question, “Is your hair like my hair?”

Obama responded by bending over so that Jacob could reach out and feel his hair. “Please touch it,” Obama said then.

Former White House photographer Pete Souza used his perfect timing to capture the moment in a photo later named “Hair Like Mine.”.. This photo quickly became a permanent visual of Obama’s historic presidency, and as Obama mentioned in his Instagram story when he shared the video, “The power of seeing yourself to your leader. Reminds me. “

In the shared video, Obama and Jacob reconnected before graduating from Uganda’s international school and looked back at the viral moments.

“I think this picture embodies one of my hopes when I first took office,” Obama said. “I remember telling Michelle and some of the staff:’If I win, the day I take office, young people, especially African Americans, people of color, outsiders, maybe not always. They feel they belong, so they will see themselves differently to see people who look like them in an oval office … now they have the world for them I could see it open. “

That feeling was repeated by Jacob, who described the photo as “a pretty big highlight of my life.”

“It’s great to see a government representative because if you can see another black man at the top and at the top, he wants to follow the lead,” he added.

Jacob, who traveled the world as the son of a State Department employee, told the former president that he would attend the University of Memphis and study political science after graduating from high school.

“I think the visit to the White House clearly inspired you, I hope,” Obama said.

“Yes, there really is,” Jacob replied.

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Barack Obama reunites with Jacob Philadelphia 13 years after the photo of “My Hair”

Source link Barack Obama reunites with Jacob Philadelphia 13 years after the photo of “My Hair”

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