Backed by a multi-million dollar charitable foundation, CoinEx charity strengthens education through charitable donations

Charity is dedication, contribution and gratitude. It not only reflects the pursuit of a noble purpose, but also brings people the joy of selfless devotion. In 2022, CoinEx Charity established a multi-million dollar charity fund to do philanthropic work and contribute to educational equity around the world. By transmitting love and warmth, organizations bring hope to disadvantaged groups and help them thrive.

the power of education

UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed said education has the power to shape the world.

Education enhances our analytical, creative and critical thinking abilities. This process will accelerate technological progress and economic growth in all countries. On the other hand, education is also a cornerstone of peace because it teaches us with an open mind. Education is a wise approach to intercultural understanding and fraternity.

Today, the education sector is grappling with enormous challenges around the world. A sharp decline in the quality and standards of education. Widening knowledge gap between students in technologically advanced societies and those in developing countries. Learning crises in conflict areas. According to United Nations projections, by 2030, more than 15% of her children aged 6 to her 17 worldwide will remain out of school.

As a global company facing an education crisis around the world, CoinEx actively respects its social responsibility. Continue to give back to society as the exchange promotes blockchain progress and pursues further growth. In 2022, CoinEx established a charity and multi-million dollar charitable foundation called CoinEx Charity to contribute to philanthropic education. Through a series of education-themed philanthropic campaigns around the world, CoinEx Charity aims to accelerate the realization of true educational equity worldwide.

Empowering Education Through Charity

Half a year ago, CoinEx Charity launched a multi-million dollar charity fund. Relying on CoinEx’s global presence, her CoinEx teams stationed in various countries began investigating the local education situation, visiting poor schools and villages in remote areas. Schools there suffered from backward teaching facilities. Teaching materials, books and school uniforms were in short supply. CoinEx charity staff were struck by the stark contrast between this stark reality and the thousands of children hungry for knowledge.

Brazilian School Benefited from Donation by CoinEx Charity

From April 2022, CoinEx Charity fully funded CoinEx Charity Book Donation Worldwide, and the team contacted schools in 12 countries as soon as possible. The campaign lasted him over two months, during which CoinEx Charity procured and donated over 10,000 of her books, uniforms and stationery sets to schools. The campaign started in Turkey and reached Syria, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Nigeria, Malaysia, Brazil, South Korea, Venezuela and Germany along the way. Apart from new school supplies and books, the team helped each school build a brand new reading nook for students to read and study after class.

CoinEx Charity Helps Build New Reading Corners in South Korean Schools

raise funds to support education

CoinEx Charity has been and will continue to work for charity-based education. In July, CoinEx Charity Thailand partnered with UNICEF to sponsor the Blue Carpet Show, an education-themed charity gala held in Thailand, raising 10.9 million baht. In the same month, CoinEx Charity funded an online educational course for Red Internacional de DiseƱo. In August, CoinEx Charity collaborated with Kacuv (a charity) and the Human Development Foundation (HDF) to provide grants to students in need and help children continue their education in charity homes .

From making independent donations to partnering with charities around the world to fund education, CoinEx Charity has always stayed true to its original motivation of contributing to educational equity. . The organization has a legacy of philanthropy, demonstrating a strong commitment to helping those in need and respecting social responsibility. Education remains a scarce resource for millions of people around the world, and all businesses and philanthropic organizations must contribute to universal access to education through joint efforts. CoinEx Charity calls on charities and non-profits to join hands to build a true partnership to promote education-themed charities and strengthen equity in education around the world. .

Backed by a multi-million dollar charitable foundation, CoinEx charity strengthens education through charitable donations

Source link Backed by a multi-million dollar charitable foundation, CoinEx charity strengthens education through charitable donations

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