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Marie Pinkerton feels targeted and she can’t afford another window smashed.

The downtown resident has had windows in her car smashed three times in three weeks. Add in her ex-husband’s van window being smashed as he parked at her place, and it’s four times in four weeks.

”I’m the nicest, sweetest lady,” Pinkerton told The Progress in the driveway at her home near Chilliwack Middle School.

”I don’t have any enemies I don’t know who would do this.”

Pinkerton doesn’t know if it is criminals or drug addicts or kids being jerks or something else.

But the $1,900 she and her ex-husband have spent is adding up.

The rear smashed window on Marie Pinkerton’s car on Sept. 16, 2022 the most recent time of three in three weeks she has had a window smashed on the vehicle. (Marie Pinkerton photo)

After the most recent window smashing overnight on Sept. 16, she said she came out at 6 a.m. and a homeless individual helped her clean up the glass. She said she doesn’t think it’s people living on the streets because, why would they? She has given out meals to the homeless, and no one is even trying to steal anything.

It’s just senseless vandalism.

She talked to people at Griffin Security but so far she’s come up with no answers.

Pinkerton lives in a house in such an unusual location that many people who have frequent the area may not have even noticed the home at all.

The address is on Yale Road but the access is actually Charles Street across from Chilliwack Middle School. To the south is Christ Lutheran Church and to the north is Best Bite Pizza, her double-wide technically on the same address as Best Bite.

”I’ve lived here 11 years and never had a problem,” she said. “I put up a fence. I planted flowers. The landlord loves me.”

Now, however, she thinks she might need to move.

”I feel violated. It feels like an attack.

“It feels targeted actually.”

In recent nights, she’s had friends sleep in a tent on her property to see if they can catch someone in the act. She even has a security camera installed but hasn’t captured any concrete evidence so far.

Anyone who knows anything about the vandalism to Pinkerton’s vehicles in September and August can call the Chilliwack RCMP at 604-792-4611 and cite file number 2022-35626.

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B.C. woman’s car window smashed 3 times in 3 weeks – Burns Lake Lakes District News Source link B.C. woman’s car window smashed 3 times in 3 weeks – Burns Lake Lakes District News

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