AWS Announces ‘Water Positive’ Pledge and Global Water Replenishment Program

At re:Invent 2022, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced it will be water positive by 2030, returning more water to communities than it uses in its direct operations and achieving Water Use Effectiveness (WUE) ) to be reported annually. .

Demonstrating its commitment to sustainability, AWS reported a 2021 WUE metric of 0.25 liters of water per kilowatt hour, demonstrating the company’s water-efficient operations.

The company will also reportedly step up its water reuse and recycling efforts, implement new measures to reduce water consumption at its facilities, and enhance new and existing replenishment projects.

“In just a few years, half of the world’s population is projected to live in water-scarce areas, so in order to ensure water access for all, we must all protect and protect this precious resource. We need to innovate new ways to reuse,” said Adam Selipsky, CEO of AWS.

As part of this effort, AWS leverages cloud services such as Internet of Things (IOT) technologies to improve infrastructure, analyze real-time water usage, and identify and remediate water leaks. The company also aims to eliminate the use of cooling water year-round at many of its facilities, using primarily outside air. To minimize cooling water, AWS also announced an investment in an on-site water treatment system that enables multiple water reuse.

In addition, AWS states that it is safe for the company to use sustainable water sources such as recycled water or rainwater harvesting for specific purposes such as irrigation and industrial use, and it is also useful in protecting community drinking water. I pride myself on being helpful.

In addition, the company announced a new water replenishment project. This aims to expand water access and quality by restoring watersheds and bringing clean water and sanitation to water-scarce communities.

Working with water conservation non-profits, these projects in India, the UK and the US include building water systems, groundwater recharge projects, educational campaigns, creating wetlands and using winter water to produce millions of liters of water. This includes recharging groundwater. and improve water quality. AWS says these projects will provide communities with more than 823 million liters of water each year when completed.

So far, AWS has completed replenishment projects in Brazil, India, Indonesia, and South Africa, providing people in these communities with 1.6 billion liters of fresh water each year.

AWS Announces ‘Water Positive’ Pledge and Global Water Replenishment Program

Source link AWS Announces ‘Water Positive’ Pledge and Global Water Replenishment Program

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