Avicanna has expanded the Derma-Cosmetics brand Pura H & W ™ to the European Union through a partnership with the Canadian business journal Bio-Gate AG.

Exclusive sales agreement includes 5 SKUs from Pura H & W’s evidence-based skin cosmetics portfolio

The product will be commercialized through Bio-Gate’s existing distribution channels and is planned for first launch in 2022 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Toronto, April 5, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Avicanna Inc. (“Avicanna” or “Company”) (TSX: AVCN) (OTCQX: AVCNF) (FSE: 0NN), development, manufacturing, and commercialization of plant-derived cannabinoid-based products is the previously announced Bio-Gate. We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our R & D collaboration with AG (“Bio-Gate”) and signed a five-year exclusive sales agreement for the Pura H & W brand CBD Derma. Cosmetics.

Avicanna and Bio-Gate are expanding their existing research collaboration with the commercial distribution of Avicanna’s evidence-based skin cosmetics line Pura H & W to the European market. The initial focus of the launch is on the German-speaking continent, including Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and Bio-Gate has an established distribution network of pharmacies and retail channels. In addition, Bio-Gate reserves the right to select three additional European countries for exclusive distribution within the first 12 months of the agreement.

“We are very pleased to launch the Pura H & W ™ product line in the European market from Avicanna, the leader in the cannabidiol (CBD) market. The Pura product line is an ideal expansion of our dermatology product portfolio. We look forward to the successful cooperation, “commented Marc Lloret-Grau, CEO of Bio-Gate AG.

“We are excited to expand Pura H & W to the European market. We are confident that it is clinically supported by the commercial cosmetics line in the European market. Also, with Bio-Gate AG. We are pleased to expand our strategic partnerships and gain access to our experienced and proven distribution channels in the region, “commented Aras Azadian, CEO of Avicanna.

2020 retail sales of 76.7 billion euros1The European cosmetics and personal care market is the largest cosmetics market in the world. In Europe, Germany has the highest consumption of beauty and personal care products, with a relatively high annual per capita spending of 153 euros / year on cosmetics, and a growing interest in premium cosmetics.

Pura H & W Portfolio for the European Union

Skin cosmetics are registered on the Cosmetics Notification Portal (CPNP) and can be commercialized over-the-counter as cosmetics in all jurisdictions within the European Union.

Skin cosmetics clinical trial

Three cosmetological clinical trials of Avicanna’s Pura H & W formulation have been completed for cosmetic factors associated with aging, acne-prone and eczema-prone skin. A successfully completed study included 156 patients who were tested for specific skin cosmetic endpoints such as safety and hydration and excess oil production. All three studies achieved positive results at the endpoint without side effects, making Pura H & W one of the only cannabinoid consumer lines with human safety and efficacy data. See the registry for more information.

To the best of our knowledge, we operate in compliance with all applicable laws in the jurisdiction in which we operate.

About Pura H & W

Pura Health & Wellness (Pura H & W) uses Avicanna’s skin cosmetics line to combine refined CBD with other synergistic botanical ingredients designed to naturally regulate and nourish the skin. .. The Pura H & W product line was developed by Avicanna and certain products are undergoing clinical trials. These products are currently sold in Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Pura H & W or Pura Earth in the United States.

Pura H & W formulations have been developed and optimized to provide purified THC-free CBD in synergistic combination with other natural ingredients known to bring certain functional benefits to skin care. .. CBD has been shown to promote skin health by inducing antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-apoptotic responses that are beneficial for a variety of skin disorders such as eczema and atopic dermatitis. In addition, CBD can down-regulate the activity of cells that are important for the production of skin oils, thus reducing their production in acne-prone skin.

1 Cosmetics Europe

About Bio-Gate AG

Bio-Gate AG is a health technology company, a leading provider of innovative technologies and products for health, infection control, and hygiene, making living together safer and healthier, and the well-being of each individual. Can be improved. Bio-Gate specializes in providing materials and surfaces with antiviral, antibacterial, or biologically active properties. Bio-Gate AG enhances materials and products, especially in the medical technology field, such as coating implants and wound dressings. In addition, Bio-Gate technology is used in active dermatological cosmetics and wound care products, as well as consumer and industrial products.

About Avicanna Inc.

Avicanna is an innovative, commercial-stage international biopharmacy company focused on the development, advancement, and commercialization of evidence-based cannabinoid-based products for global consumers, as well as the medical and pharmaceutical market segments. increase. We are actively working with Canada’s leading academic and medical institutions in advancing the world’s leading cannabinoids. Avicanna has established an industry-leading scientific platform for advanced R & D and clinical development, delivering more than 30 products in four key market segments.

CBD Derma-Cosmetics: These registered clinically tested skin cosmetics, sold under the Pura H & W ™ or Pura Earth ™ brand, include a portfolio of functional CBD topical products.

Medical Cannabis & Wellness Products: Sold under the RHO Phyto ™ brand, these medical and wellness products are advanced products of pharmaceutical grade cannabinoids, including various proportions of cannabidiol (“CBD”) and tetrahydrocannabinol (“THC”). The product portfolio includes complete formulations of products including oral, sublingual, topical, and transdermal delivery, enhancing dose control, absorption, and stability studies supported by preclinical data. Is being done. Advanced prescription collections are sold along with education and training for consumers, patients, and the medical community.

Pharmaceutical pipeline: Leveraging Avicanna’s scientific platform, vertical integration, and real-world evidence, Avicanna creates a pipeline of patent-pending drug candidates that are specific to the indication and at various stages of clinical development and commercialization. Did. These cannabinoid-based drug candidates provide solutions for unmet medical needs in the areas of dermatology, chronic pain, and various neuropathy. Avicanna’s first drug (Trunerox ™) is in the drug registration phase in South America.

Cannabinoid ingredients: The company’s raw materials business, sold under the Aureus ™ brand, has successfully completed sales to 12 countries. Aureus ™ contains dried cannabis flowers, standardized seeds, full-spectrum extracts, cannabinoid distillates, isolated cannabinoids such as CBD, THC, cannabigerol (“CBG”), and other rare cannabinoids. Offers. Aureus ™ products are produced by Santa Marta Golden Hemp SAS, the company’s majority-owned subsidiary in Colombia. This subsidiary is also GACP accredited and accredited by the USDA National Organic Program of the United States Department of Agriculture.

Source Avicanna Inc.
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Avicanna has expanded the Derma-Cosmetics brand Pura H & W ™ to the European Union through a partnership with the Canadian business journal Bio-Gate AG.

Source link Avicanna has expanded the Derma-Cosmetics brand Pura H & W ™ to the European Union through a partnership with the Canadian business journal Bio-Gate AG.

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