Auston Matthews, Cutter Gautier trying to follow the path of Matthew Knees

Cutter Gautier crossed the road only once with the pioneer, but the day he raised his gear in the dressing room next to Orston Matthews was memorable.

“I met him once. I was about 14 or 15 years old, [renown performance coach] Darryl Belfry, and he was skating in front of me. So I dressed up with him in the locker room. It’s pretty cool to see our way in line, “says Gauthier, the top 10 pick expected in the NHL draft on Thursday.

“It’s really cool to see the desert guy grow up, take first place in the National Hockey League and go well. This year we have 60 goals.

“Such a wonderful person. Such a luxury. And he is also a wonderful player.”

As a simple top choice for 2016, Matthews broke the seal. But more and more great prospects are leaking from Arizona.

Scottsdale’s product, Gautier — the 18-year-old Playmaking Center / Left — is the latest on an ever-growing list.

It makes sense. According to a 2019 survey by USA Hockey, Arizona ranked second in the NHL market in all the United States in terms of sports participation growth for five years.

We are beginning to see that the influx of youth involvement in the 2010s will bear fruit.

Matthews — active Heart, Ted Lindsay, Rocket Richard’s trophy holder — is the poster boy. However, Phoenix-born Matthew Knies (Maple Leafs) and Scottsdale-born Josh Doan (Coyotes) were both selected in the second round of 2021.

Therefore, Gautier’s NHL dream has played with both Doan and Nice in the past, even though he took him east to train in Michigan.

“They did such a great thing in hockey. They are only uphill now,” says Gautier.

“I think hockey is for everyone, especially seeing it expand from that situation. [when it’s] It comes out 100 degrees every other week and is pretty cool. There aren’t many links in Arizona, and I think it’s widespread. It’s a nice atmosphere overall.

“Desert and hockey-it doesn’t really mix well [on paper].. But it’s cool to see all these players coming out there. “

Gautier scored 28 points in 22 USHL national development team games this past season and played against Nice before he jumped to the NCAA and Olympic teams.

For the curious, Gautier says, no, Maple Leafs wasn’t one of the 14 to 16 NHL teams interviewed him down to the draft. Gautier (a polite, confident, 6-foot-3, 201-pound power forward) is unlikely to slip to 25th place and join AZ East.

Gautier was actually born in Skelefteo. Born in Sudbury, Ontario, his father, Sean, aimed at the goal of the local Swedish Elite Serien team at the end of Journeyman’s professional career.

When Cutter was two years old, the family moved to Scottsdale.

That was where his passion for games grew. It all started with taking a shot with his father. The NHL career ended with the original 1.000 save rate after making a total of 3 minutes and 2 saves at San Jose Sharks in 1998-99.

“I don’t think he scored me,” Gautier smiled.

But as his blade was sharpened?

“I score. I think he wasn’t very happy with that,” says Gautier. “I’ve always had a good time with him. He played the goalkeeper at a very high level. And now, as a player, it’s fun to play around with. Whether it’s road hockey or ice hockey. It’s always a fun time. “

Equally proud of his career and versatility, Gautier is good at using his wings and center. Despite his professional size, he is patient enough not to push the NHL leap right away.

Gautier has been committed to Boston University for at least a year, perhaps two years, and expects to record heavy time for the program.

“I’ve talked to both assistant coaches so far, and they told me I wanted to be their number one line center and control the pace of play,” Gautier said. I will explain.

“I think I’m playing like Pierre-Luc Dubois and Mark Scheiffrey — big, powerful, and a lot of skills, and they can change the game at any time.” Says Gautier, who is eager to have his name called in Bell Center Days.

“I’m not nervous. I’m ready. I just hope the day will come.”

Yeah, it’s time for ball caps and fantasy photography.

Gautier survived through media narrowing, combine testing, and all the nerve-wracking sit-ins in half of the league considering drafting the next Arizona phenomenon.

“Some teams asked funky questions. I think Ottawa asked if there was a sports betting app on their phone … No, I wouldn’t,” says Gautier. “And you got the question of that classic animal.”

If you could be any animal, who would you be?

“I think everyone else chooses lions and tigers, so I switched a bit. I said sharks.”

Oh yeah, the old smalltooth sand tiger.

Rare but malicious.

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Auston Matthews, Cutter Gautier trying to follow the path of Matthew Knees

Source link Auston Matthews, Cutter Gautier trying to follow the path of Matthew Knees

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