At the United Nations, Amal Clooney promotes justice in Ukrainian war crimes

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Human rights lawyer Amal Clooney at the United Nations on Wednesday to focus on the international justice of Ukrainian war crimes so that evidence is not stored, as it did for victims of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). I asked.

“Ukraine is a slaughterhouse today. Clooney told an informal UN Security Council meeting on accountability in Ukraine hosted by France and Albania.

Clooney is a 2017 Security Council to approve measures to support lobbying, creating a UN team to collect, preserve and preserve evidence of international crimes that Islamic State may have committed in Iraq. I recalled the vote of the meeting. It was the same year that her son and daughter were born with American actor George Clooney.

“My children are now almost five years old and so far most of the evidence collected by the United Nations has been preserved because there is no international court to bring ISIS to trial,” she said. ..

The International Criminal Court (ICC), which deals with war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and crimes of aggression, has no jurisdiction because Iraq and Syria are not affiliated.

Clooney is part of an international legal task force that advises Ukraine on ensuring accountability to Ukraine’s victims in national jurisdictions and working with the Hague-based ICC.

ICC prosecutor Karim Khan began an investigation into Ukraine a week after Russia’s February 24 invasion.

“This is the time when we need to mobilize the law and send it to battle. It is not on the side of Ukraine against the Russian Federation, not on the side of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, but on the side of humanity,” Kerr said. Tells the UN conference.

Russian diplomat Sergey Leonidchenko described the ICC as a “political tool.” He accused the United States and Britain of hypocrisy for supporting the ICC’s investigation in Ukraine after doing “everything possible to protect their troops.”

Moscow describes the February 24 invasion of Ukraine as a “special military operation” and denies targeting civilians.

The Ukrainian prosecutor’s office, Irina Benedictova, told Reuters that she was preparing for war crimes against at least seven Russian military personnel.

At the United Nations, Amal Clooney promotes justice in Ukrainian war crimes

Source link At the United Nations, Amal Clooney promotes justice in Ukrainian war crimes

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