Art Construction: Recreating Edmonton’s Home with Design-Inspired Infills

“About eight years ago, we set the goal of actually rethinking what Edmonton’s infill looks and should look like,” says Monica Affleck of Alair Homes.

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It was a beautiful sweep.

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When it came to announcing Edmonton’s best infill builder, there was only one name, Alair Homes. Custom Homebuilding Company, also a key player in the home remodeling category, won all three Infill Awards at the Canadian Home Builders Association-Edmonton Region 2022 Home Excellence Awards earlier this year.

Alair’s Westmount Prairie Modern wins a best infill of less than 2,000 square feet, California Contemporary wins a best infill of 2,000 to 4,000 square feet, and Panoramic River Valley Modern (best infill over 4,000 square feet) gets Alair’s attention. I collected it.

Edmonton’s partner, Monica Affleck, said: “At that time, there wasn’t much information about it, and people had a hard time understanding what it was or how they could build an infill home. We educate about this opportunity. Starting with that, today we are one of the largest custom infill builders in the region. A few years ago, CHBA won the first infill award for all categories to the Alair team. It shows that there have been many changes in the short term, and more infill homes will be inspired by craftsmanship and design. “

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Alair is proud of all three Infill winners, but states that California Contemporary and Panoramic River Valley Modern are two prominent figures.

“Both were designed to actually encapsulate the view of where they were built in the valley of the river,” Affleck said. “In order to take advantage of the unique views, the design included views from all rooms. Each house has a rooftop patio with 270 degree views of the river valley and city centre. They can be designed with lifestyle in mind so that everything goes well in the house, whether it’s exercise, entertainment, or an outdoor living space. “

Both homes are located in Laurier Heights, a mature district overlooking the river valley, and according to Affleck, are one of the most popular places for people to look for a larger footprint in luxury infill homes.

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Fill interest

According to Alair, infill properties are about getting a new home customized to the owner’s features, size and space preferences, but a mature location with access to all facilities, including transportation and schools. It is in.

In addition to Bay Leaf Heights, other popular communities of infill housing include Parkview, Westmount, and many mature city centres, Alair said.

“Most people think of a subdivided parcel with two small footprint houses when they think of Affleck, but in reality, they demolish one house and replace one new but large one. Many people demand that they do, “says Affleck. “Or we see the city of Edmonton beginning to support its mission to increase urban density in apartment buildings. But now that so much diversity is happening, from the first home to complete luxury. , Everyone has something and many have choices depending on their budget. “

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Affleck also said he sees designers working with clients to really deliberately work on how a home fits into the community. People are aware that their home can be something they like, but it can be unique in the community, she said.

“We started the Building Art concept a few years ago, a custom home that is a unique work of art created from the imagination of a homeowner, because a home designed and built can really be considered a work of art. That’s what Affleck said. “These are homes that we are particularly proud to support construction. Intentional designs inspired by places like California and other parts of the world were born and brought here in Edmonton. I am. “

Pandemic shift

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The business of Alair Homes, which started Edmonton 10 years ago, is busy.

“It feels like the world has paused in the last two years, but we welcomed the busiest year of the two years.
For the past decade, Alair has been part of the construction community in the Edmonton region, “said Affleck.

“We have really increased the amount of infill housing we are participating in, along with many investors trying to develop some mature communities,” Affleck added. “As we know, pandemics have really changed things for people. They have begun to pay more attention to how they want to live in their homes. Home offices, home gyms, indoors. / Outdoor life — People want all the usual equipment they had inside the house, not outside the house.

Alair won three other awards at the CHBA-ER event on April 2nd. BestRenovation ranges from $ 150,000 to $ 300,000, $ 300,000 to $ 600,000, and $ 600,000 to $ 1 million levels.

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Art Construction: Recreating Edmonton’s Home with Design-Inspired Infills

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