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Are there any rules for boxing?

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Despite many promises from Hollywood movies, boxing is rarely a ballistic movement in controlled violence. The winner then rubs the injured knuckle and looks like a villain. They are usually horrifying, random encounters, untrained, generally drunken fighters, flying around until friends pull them apart and guards kick them to the curb.

But are there any rules for boxing? should do it Are there any rules for boxing? Is there a set of agreed criteria on how much violence is too much and how much is just enough?

First rule of Fight club that is Finding I’m stupid

Don’t worry about what The Narrator says. There is only one rule for the iron wall of the fist battle. Do not participate in the fist battle. Trained martial artist And both of your moms agree with this. Avoid situations where violence can occur. If you find yourself in this situation, try to get it back. run away. Tell the hall monitor. Going to jail, getting hurt, or even dying from parking spaces or spilled drinks is so stupid, do whatever you can to get out of it.

Let’s talk about what the rules and expectations are in your case so that it doesn’t get in the way conduct Enter into a boxing fight. The closest thing to the codified set of rules is the law that applies to street combat (see below), but in the informal territory there are competing philosophies regarding the rules of street brawl.

Philosophy 1: There are no rules for boxing

Some argue that throwing a hand loses all politeness. You need to get your eyes nailed, strangled, strangled, and hidden weapons. This is one of the guiding principles behind Krav Maga, a form of self-defense training that emphasizes ending the battle as quickly and efficiently as possible by targeting the most vulnerable parts of the enemy’s body. is. Krav Maga practitioners learn a variety of techniques that can hurt or kill enemies. Don’t risk killing your sparring partner, even if you can’t fully train these techniques in the sense of perfect contact.

The problem of battle without rules is one of measuring the appropriate response. Krav Maga was trained in life-threatening hand-to-hand combat as it was developed by Imi Lichtenfeld in Czechoslovakia in the 1930s as a way to protect Jews from Nazi militias.Random bar battles rarely go up to that level — you For real Are you ready to permanently hurt or kill someone you don’t like taking cheap shots at the bar?

Instead of fighting to death, most fist fights involve a drunken man inflating his chest until someone swings. They both roll on the floor for a short while until the bouncer breaks it and kicks everyone out. This is not a situation where, for both moral and legal reasons, someone needs to adopt a potentially deadly force.

Philosophy 2: You shouldn’t have a dirty fight

Is there a rule because most fights are “casual” physical changes that no one wants to kill anyone else? perhaps. Of course, there is no systematic set of steps for street quarrels, but like any other group, “always fighting people” can develop a set of norms over time. These norms believe that certain types of tactics in battle should not be carried out by prestigious people. This can be escalated by using weapons or asking for help from others. Alternatively, it could be the type of attack that is likely to cause serious injury. These forbidden moves seem to resemble what you can’t do in a mixed martial arts match.

  • There is no headbutt.
  • There is no piledriver.
  • There is no crotch strike.
  • There is no Aigauji.
  • Do not chew.
  • Do not catch fish.
  • There is no “12-6 elbow”. In other words, do not point your elbows straight down at your opponent.
  • There is no small joint manipulation. That is, don’t try to break someone’s finger.
  • There are no strikes on the back of the head or spine.
  • You will not trample or kick a soccer kick against a downed opponent.
  • Don’t keep hitting someone who is incompetent or otherwise gives up. (In MMA, it is forced by reference. In fact, I guess by the combatant’s own sense of restraint.)

It seems strange to expect everyone to follow a set of rules in battle, but there are many precedents. For example, duel: The duel to resolve personal conflicts dates back to medieval Europe and lasted until the 1900s. They were highly ritualized, practiced only among the wealthy, and usually did not fight until death. The duel’s “seconds” were primarily intended to try to resolve a dispute without a duel. (Sometimes this didn’t work and people died. See Alexander, the famous musical about Hamilton, but efforts were made.)

World War I trench warfare tells us about boxing

Although the duel rules have been agreed upon by both parties, mutually beneficial combat rules can be organically realized without clear guidelines. During World War IFor example, the “live-live” code developed among soldiers facing each other in trench warfare.To the astonishment of the commanders on both sides, when left to their own equipment, soldiers often have equal reciprocal rules for attacks, signals of mutual suspension, and even indications of symbolically intended military power. Developed Representative You don’t need an actual attack because you will attack. For example, a German sniper reportedly fired until he pierced a wall, as if he said, “It could have been your skull.”

Fight only with those you really know

Unwritten rules may apply if you know the culture and norms of the fighters, but this seems like an exaggerated scenario for most of us. In the United States of 2022, boxing fights are so rare that most of us have not developed a set of norms about how they should be done.

We already know what is expected of us because we can no longer challenge people to duel with pistols and swords and many of us do not fight very often. , We are left with a lassi fair, anything is fine you You are at your mercy, so recognize that the rules are Of the opponent Interpretation of what is acceptable. Even if you try to follow the rules of Queensbury, you may pull out a knife or jump your allies if you start losing.

Given this sequence of situations, the “anything” style can be seen as the best choice to “win” or simply reduce the chances of a serious injury (except not fighting in the first place). But that may not be how the law sees it.

The true “rules” of boxing are determined by law

of Washington and Texass, mutual combat does not violate the law. Only if nothing is broken, peace is not disturbed, and police officers are watching the battle. Within that framework, police officers will not intervene unless one party no longer wants to fight or indicates that he will not be seriously injured. In Oregon, mutual combat is clearly illegal unless it is a licensed battle such as a boxing or wrestling match.

In other parts of the United States, it’s a mixed bag. Hosting boxing and wrestling matches under the right conditions is clearly legal in most places, but for all reasonable purposes, fist fighting is illegal.The law usually does not explicitly state the fight itself It’s a crime, but if you landed a punch, you probably committed assault and probably disturbed peace, and you were vandalism by breaking someone’s head through a window, or they died from it. If you are murdered, you may be prosecuted.

However, it is generally permissible to use force to protect yourself from physical violence.In some places and in some situations you felt Intimidation. But in general, the power you use to protect yourself should be within reasonable limits. As long as you file a proceeding in court, there are many variables involved in how it works, but in general, if someone slaps you in a bar and you stab him in your heart, it’s ” It is difficult to prove that it was “self-defense.”

Obeying unwritten combat rules (testifying that “I stopped kicking him when I saw him unconscious”) elicits the judge’s sympathy when determining the length of the judgment. Whether or not it depends on the judge. But I don’t count on it. “I showed suppression” says “Well, why didn’t you show suppression? Previous Did you throw a punch? “

So you really shouldn’t participate in the fight

For all reasonable intentions and purposes, there are no rules for fighting strangers. Because you can only control what. you conduct. Participating in a battle can result in injury or death, and even if you win, you can be arrested and imprisoned. If you choose fist fighting, it’s not worth it, as one or all of these shortcomings are likely to occur. (And if you’re not playing with immature 12-year-olds, no one will be impressed.)

Are there any rules for boxing?

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