Are the Raptors still in Gobert?

The NBA’s free agent opened Thursday at 6 pm EST, with several celebrities on the market. For example, Deandre Ayton, Bradley Beal, Zach LaVine.

However, there is one problem. Few teams have cap space. Indiana Pacers, San Antonio Spurs and Orlando Magic aren’t the only playoff teams looking for a big playoff after the Detroit Pistons have taken on some contracts from the New York Knicks. Knicks still has a cap space, but all reports show that he will use it in push to sign Jalen Brunson.

Fortunately, this offseason is still far from unexploded ordnance. That’s because the trade market is burning with some star players, even if the free agencies aren’t as chaotic as the NBA expects.

Let’s take a look at some of the candidates:

Rudy Gobert

Year: 30
team: Utah Jazz
position: center
Agreement: Average $ 42.4 million over the remaining four years

2021-22 Statistics: 15.6 PPG | 14.7 REB | 2.1 BLK | .713 FG%

He is a three-time defensive player this year, and frankly, that number may be higher. Gobert makes everyone think about attacking the rim while on the floor. Jazz has had many successes with him as a defensive anchor, but has not been accurately translated into a successful playoff, and Gobert-Donovan Mitchell may have run the course in Utah.

Latest: Bleacher Report’s Jake Fisher reports that the Toronto Raptors continue to “monitor the availability of several elite centers,” including Gobert. Independent NBA insider Markstein called the Chicago Bulls the closest to his destination last week. There is no doubt that many teams are calling, but Jazz isn’t particularly close to the deal. AthleticTony Jones.

Kyrie Irving

Year: 30
team: Brooklyn Nets
position: Point guard
Agreement: Reportedly opt-in in a year for $ 36.9 million

2021-22 Statistics: 27.4 PPG | 5.8 APG | 4.4 REB | .469 / .418 / .915

With Irving’s opt-in, the scenario where he cuts the deal between LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers by $ 30 million is now dead. But he could still be traded, especially if Brooklyn has the feeling that he won’t stay beyond this season.

Latest: ESPN’s Brian Windhorst To tell Top league sources do not believe the story took place, and the Lakers and Irving are still interested in each other.

John Collins

Year: twenty four
team: Atlanta Hawks
position: Power forward
Agreement: Average $ 25.5 million over the remaining four years

2021-22 Statistics: 16.2 PPG | 7.8 REB | .526 / .364 / .793

The Hawks appear to be determined to keep up the roster, but Collins is still young, very athletic, shooting the ball deep and scoring more than 15 points in the last four seasons. increase.

up to date: According to athletics Sam Amic and Chris Kershner, all signs continue to indicate a “near future” John Collins deal, even though John Collins was not included in Dejounte Murray’s deal. increase. The forward was previously linked to the Boston Celtics, Portland Trail Blazers, and Sacramento Kings.

Malcolm Brogdon

Year: 29
team: Indiana Pacers
position: Point guard
Agreement: $ 22.6 million for the remaining year

2021-22 Statistics: 19.1 PPG | 5.9 APG | 5.1 REB | .448 / .312 / .856

The Pacers are being rebuilt and Tyrese Haliburton is the future point guard, reducing the need for Brogdon. Given the direction of the team, it may not make sense for Brogdon, who has not yet won a ring at his age, to re-sign anyway. So instead of waiting for the deadline, the Pacers are now trying to get cash. Brogdon can be a security guard at the starting point of a candidate.

up to date: According to NBA insider Markstein, Brogdon was expected to trade before the NBA Draft, which didn’t happen, but should trade “early, not later.”

Myles Turner

Year: 26
team: Indiana Pacers
position: center
Agreement: $ 18 million in one year left

2021-22 Statistics: 12.6 PPG | 7.1 REB | 2.8 BLK | .509 / .333 / .752

Turner, who sticks to the Pacers, has been rumored in the deal for years and it’s hard to believe he’s 26. Still, he didn’t necessarily fit into the rebuilding period of Indiana and soon became a free agent. Although he made many promises early in his career and didn’t respond accurately to the hype, he’s still probably the best shot blocker in the NBA and floors from five as a semi-reliable shooter. A person who can grow. There are many things he likes.

up to date: Pacers GM Chad Buchanan said on Tuesday: Take it for what you do. Fisher recently reported the possibility of Deandre Ayton’s sign-and-trade involving Turner. I’m betting that one of the “elite centers” that the Raptors are watching is Turner.

Are the Raptors still in Gobert?

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