Apple’s next iPhone reflects last year and adds storage

San Ramon, California. — Apple has announced the following iPhone lineup. This includes models that offer twice as much storage as available in previous versions, and last year’s edition, which proved to be a huge hit among consumers who devour the latest technology during a pandemic. Includes other modest upgrades.

A pre-recorded video event streamed on Tuesday gave Apple the opportunity to present a sophisticated story after a few weeks of turmoil. Recent bumps included a security vulnerability with a patch that could allow hackers to secretly control the iPhone and other Apple devices. The backlash against the company’s plan to scan images of child sexual abuse on the iPhone and the federal judge’s decision to further remove the competitive barriers Apple has built around the app store cost billions of dollars each year. I’m making a profit.

As Apple’s late co-founder unveiled its first iPhone in 2007, Apple executives are reverent for the latest model, albeit not dramatically different from the version Apple released almost a year ago. I talked to.

Like last year’s model, the new iPhone 13 is available in four different designs, starting at $ 700 to $ 1,100. Scheduled to be released on September 24th.

“This is a gradual upgrade. Some new features are impressive, but unobtrusive or impractical for most users,” said Gartner analyst Tuong Nguyen.

Perhaps the most notable change in the latest high-end iPhone 13 is the option for full terabytes of storage (1,000GB) on the device, up from its previous maximum of 512GB. That’s enough storage to hold about 250,000 photos, or about 500 hours of high-definition video.

With the advent of ultra-high-definition video and ultra-fast wireless 5G networks that make content downloads faster and easier, Nguyen said, having large amounts of storage could become more important for many consumers. there is.

Apple also promises a better camera for the iPhone 13, with improved ultra-wide-angle lenses, cinematic video capabilities, and technology for better night photography. (The latter reflects the features Google has provided for a long time on the Pixel smartphone line, but it’s not a big seller yet.) As always, the latest iPhones should also have a long battery life.

“We continue to make the iPhone more powerful,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook.

This type of gradual upgrade has become commonplace for Apple and other device makers in recent years, as smartphone innovation has slowed, despite the price of some phones exceeding $ 1,000. This trend has led more consumers to carry older smartphones for longer periods of time.

But last year’s iPhone 12 release unleashed one of Apple’s biggest sales since 2014. Perhaps the pandemic has made it time for returnees to get a newer and better model than the one they were using before. In the first six months of this year, Apple’s iPhone sales surged nearly 60% from the same period last year.

The boom has recently brought Apple’s share price to a record high, bringing its market value to about $ 2.5 trillion. That’s more than double what it was before the pandemic started 18 months ago.

Apple’s share price fell 1% in a deal on Tuesday afternoon. This shows that investors didn’t see much excitement during the next iPhone announcement.

The iPhone remains Apple’s biggest money-maker, but the company is trying to make up for its success with peripherals such as smartwatches. The company in Cupertino, Calif., Used Tuesday’s showcase to provide a preview of the next Apple Watch. It features a thinner, more rounded, brighter display.

Apple’s next iPhone reflects last year and adds storage

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