Anthony Anderson will not be back in “Low & Order” Season 22

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It’s done with one. Anthony Anderson says he hasn’t returned to “low and order” for the next season 22 of the show.

After replaying his role as detective Kevin Bernard in the recent “Low & Order” revival, Anderson seems to flip his badge and gun over again before the start of the next season. deadline Report.

Twelve years after Anderson was first canceled, when the show revived in Season 21 by NBC, it was widely reported that he had only signed a one-season contract, but it’s unclear why Anderson didn’t come back. is.

While Det. Bernard may not come back, but so far no future cameo appearances have been set for the Season 21 finale, which means that Anderson’s character isn’t part of the upcoming series. It seems that the door is left open because of the possibility of.

ET spoke with Anderson in December, just before filming began in the new season. The star is back to play the last character he drew more than 10 years ago.

“That makes a lot of sense,” Anderson shared. “They are reviving the show and claiming it as the 21st year … The perfect circle is what it is and that’s a good thing.”

“As you know, many people ask why, but why don’t I? It’s an opportunity to go back and reply. [my] Being a character and having a little fun in a dramatic space, “Anderson added.

Watch the video below to learn more about Anderson.

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Anthony Anderson will not be back in “Low & Order” Season 22

Source link Anthony Anderson will not be back in “Low & Order” Season 22

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