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An easy way to roll the dough into the shape you really need

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If you are asked to roll the dough into an amoeba shape with just the pie recipe. I’m good at it. But pWould you like to complete a circle or rectangle of fabric? It requires several personnel.

Pies, cutout cookies, cinnamon rolls, and danish pastries require dough rolled out to a specific shape. If you decide to take an approach to fix it later (develop it erratically, Use a knife to cut out the shape later), you end up with a pile of unnecessary waste.So Shape it Before you roll..

I don’t think this makes a difference, But that’s right. I spent many years Miffed every time you roll out a Pac-Man type Double crust..I didn’t learn until I went to pastry school The dough always rolls out to the same shape as the first (I saved you the bundle You are welcome to pay the tuition fee. ) If you start with a circle, it will be flat. Circle. MeStarting with a jagged mass, it becomes a flat, jagged mass.. My reason Maintain Ends in half a month when making Double crust recipes are because the wording of many recipes advises Cool the dough in that shape.Instructions Process the dough into balls and instruct them to “split the dough”, “split the dough”, or “cut the dough in half”.Looks easy – cut the ball Of half the dough. Many people rap, Please cool it down and then deploy it. This shape remains the same. MeMaking a circular pie crust is a bad start.this is It ’s a great way to make a Pac-Man shape,..

To get the geometry you need, try creating a uniform mixture with the shape you need before you get it. rolling.. For pie crust, the crushed mixture is split and then compressed. Process the dough as separate crust parts, after that Wrap them as separate discs before they rest. For laminated and yeast doughs, shape them before cooling or after the first proof and just before rolling. For the rectangular shape inside the fridge, use a wrap, Sharp corners. When making cut out cookies, Lightly knead the dough with the palm of your hand to shape it and prevent dry and brittle edges. Tchicken, Before hitting with a pin, press the dough against the work surface to create the perfect shape.

Take advantage of this molding technique and experiment Bake a new shape. The pie is round and delicious, But what a limitation! Have you tried making a rectangular pie in a can of bread?Or a chicken pot pie for 12 people with 13 peopleX9 inch casserole dish? Maybe your Christmas cookie stamp is a triangular tree.If so, you can unfold a huge triangle to optimize the usage of the fabric... please do not worry. You can still rely on old habits when making giant amoeba sugar cookies.

An easy way to roll the dough into the shape you really need

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