Ambulance Responds to Kelowna Marina

A man holds a toddler after jumping into the lake. (Jen Zielinski/Capital News)

Ambulance Responds to Kelowna Marina

Marine rescue team deployed

Several emergency responders were called in with a salvage team on Friday night aboard the Kelowna sailing vessel off Barnard.

It’s unclear what happened, but witnesses at the scene said they saw a man jump into the water with a life jacket in hand.

The same man was reportedly seen holding a toddler and talking to paramedics minutes later.

Emergency services were called to the same area two weeks ago in response to a drowning.

Then bring up drowning and what’s going on

Capital News reached out to the RCMP for comment.

More coming.

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Ambulance Responds to Kelowna Marina

Source link Ambulance Responds to Kelowna Marina

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