Amber Heard’s companions say those who dislike have “low self-esteem”

“It’s much easier to stand behind a woman who plays a suffering maiden,” says Eve Barlow.

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Amber Heard’s friends are targeting an army of fans who threw their support behind Johnny Depp while the ex-husband and wife were at war in a Virginia court.

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British journalist Eve Barlow claims that she “dislikes” 36-year-old Hard, partly because she envy her appearance.

“It’s easy for women with low self-esteem to dislike AH (Amber Heard) and justify their prejudice against the strength and beauty of a typical woman, which is envy,” says Barlow. Tweet this week. “They recognize the power given, which is a true myth, and allow their own inefficiencies of resilience to misogyny.”

She continued. “It’s much easier to stand behind the woman who plays the suffering maiden than to sympathize with the woman who has to free herself.”

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Depp, 58, claims her 2018 and is suing hard for $ 50 million Washington post The editorial defamed him when she described herself as a survivor of domestic violence.The article never mentioned Pirates of the Caribbean Although a star by name, Depp maintains an article suggesting that he was an abuser and influenced his acting career.

Haad counterclaimed for $ 100 million, claiming that Depp had defiled her by calling her a liar.

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Barlow’s allegations were made in response to a tweet tweeted by Dr. Charlotte Proudman to his followers. And if you think they do, why? “

During her testimony last week, Haad painted a picture of Jekyll, the dominant and abusive Depp, who was known to the world as one of Hollywood’s biggest movie stars. A “monster” like Hyde in a closed room.

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Amber Heard will testify in court on Wednesday, May 4, 2022, in the Fairfax County Circuit Court of Fairfax, Virginia.
Amber Heard will testify in court on Wednesday, May 4, 2022, in the Fairfax County Circuit Court of Fairfax, Virginia. Photo by Elizabeth Franz / /Pool photo via AP

I heard about allegations that Depp abused her with a bottle during the 2015 explosive battle and threatened to “kill me.”

“I didn’t know if the bottle he had in me was broken,” she said. “I couldn’t feel it. I didn’t feel anything.”

When he stood on the stand last month, Depp claimed that Hard had abused him and amputated his fingertips.

“She needs violence. It erupts out of nowhere,” Depp said.

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Barlow also blamed the new TikTok trend, where users of social media platforms are repeatedly ridiculing some of Heard’s testimony.

“Listen, anyone who protects Amber Heard’s TikTok abuse is acting maliciously,” Barlow tweeted this week. “We cannot argue that it does not have a chilling effect from the advancement of survivors. Anyone who is actively ridiculing testimony about abuse contributes to that silence.”

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One video of the round overlays a hard clip of robed Kim Kardashian crying on the stand while hitting a gavel. Guilty. “

according to variety, The video with the hashtag “amberturd” has been watched more than 1.2 billion times so far.They include a video of TikTok user @sansanjovs ridiculing Aquaman An actress who ridicules her as if she cries. So far, the clip has recorded 2.1 million likes, “A fun little web we’re spinning around.. “

Elsewhere, in one of many fights with Depp, Hard was also trolled online when including details on how her “dog stepped on a bee”.

The viral video takes a new rhyme with Hard’s “my dog ​​stepped on a bee” anecdote.

Canada’s Tik Toker Jeff Rad stitched together clips of 873,000 likes, saying “Dad has to pee,” and user Cloeann Hardee added, “I forgot my house key.”

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In another video with 359,000 likes on Vinyl Haus’ TikTok page, the animated bee says, “The story of amber is lying about me.”

Meanwhile, Snapchat had to dispel rumors that the new crying face filter was inspired by crying hard in court.

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TMZ reported that the filter, released on Friday, had been working for six months long before the testimony of Hard’s tears.

Those who heard are expected to end up at the stand next week Entertainment Weekly Both her sister Whitney Henrikes and actress Ellen Barkin reported expecting to testify for defense.

During Defamation in Britain in 2020, when Depp lost, Birkin reportedly testified that the actor threw a wine bottle in her direction in a hot moment in a hotel room.


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Amber Heard’s companions say those who dislike have “low self-esteem”

Source link Amber Heard’s companions say those who dislike have “low self-esteem”

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