Amber Heard who caught the “pose” while crying at the stand?

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Fans of Johnny Depp accuse her of defamation trials during breaks until next week, analyzing Amber Heard’s two-day testimony and accusing her of violently abusing her in a five-year relationship. bottom.

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After accusing her of quoting a movie quote Talented Mr. Ripley Circular footage claimed by some fans is evidence that Hard was sucking cocaine from the organization, and Depp’s supporters last week saw an actress posing for a photo crying while standing on a stand. It seems that I caught it.

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“Did she pose for the photo? What is this?” Commented streamer Asmongold while watching the clip. “She saw the person taking the picture. Can you see the flash? So it’s clear that she made eye contact with the photographer. Man, that’s really something.”

“Yes, she did pose,” said Dr. Liliangrass. Distract.. “”[She] There was no liquid in her eyes and nose, [and] She never blew her nose and stayed there with Kleenex on her nose. She looked into the camera to make sure they had a shot. “

On social media, many shared hard-pose snippets, and one begged Depp fans to share their video writing.

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Dr. Glass pointed out: Distract Putting tissue on your nose is not something people usually do. “If someone has Kleenex in their nose, blow it off instead of holding it there, unless there is a chronic drip. teeth If there was a chronic drip, Kleenex would have been there consistently. “

In an analysis of TMZ’s virus moments, a celebrity website states, “Amber seems to hold this pose, which sounds like a camera flash.”

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In a public opinion court in favor of Depp, Hard was part of the testimony when he painted a picture of a dominant and physically violent partner known to the world as one of Hollywood’s biggest movie stars. Was accused of manufacturing, Dr. Jekyll-Mr. A “monster” like Hyde in a closed room.

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When she talked about their relationship, social media users mistakenly accused him of hearing that he had stripped the line from the 1999 movie. Talented Mr. Ripley, Matt Damon, Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow starring psychological thriller. The film focuses on the relationship between the exaggerated billionaire Dickie Greenleaf (law) and the murderous spoof Tom Ripley (Damon).

Breitbart Reporter Alana Mastangero tweeted The hard video and movie scenes that stood on the stand said: Talented Mr. Ripley Atmosphere … This tweet is intended to show what she actually said and what she said in the movie so that she can decide for herself. “

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website Snopes A search of news articles about the trial did not find a reputable source of information that Heard reported saying these words.

“People who spread these rumors seem to be actively looking for evidence to support their belief that they have already decided: Heard was’acting’during his testimony in court,” they said. Wrote.

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Some people on Twitter also roughly theorize that the actress is using drugs while at the stand, Clips viewed over 8 million times I heard that she sucked something from the tissue through her nose and then rubbed her nose.

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We see it and it looks like she’s sniffing something from the tissue, but it’s highly doubtful that she smuggled illegal substances into a Virginia court.

Depp spokesman Aquaman Star’s testimony was “the performance of her life,” and a future cross-examination of his legal team promised to “emboss many errors that Mr. Haad tried to ignore in fact through complex testimony.”

The person in charge of hardware Toronto sunThey said, “If Mr. Depp was really innocent, why did he repeatedly apologize to Mr. Hard and promise to “clean up the monsters forever”? “

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Depp, 58, sues Hard, 36, for $ 50 million, and her 2018 Washington post The editorial defamed him when she described herself as a survivor of domestic violence.The article never mentioned Pirates of the Caribbean Although a star by name, Depp maintains an article suggesting that he was an abuser and influenced his acting career.

Haad counterclaimed for $ 100 million, claiming that Depp had defiled her by calling her a liar.

The trial will resume on Monday, May 16th.


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Amber Heard who caught the “pose” while crying at the stand?

Source link Amber Heard who caught the “pose” while crying at the stand?

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