Amber Heard explains that Johnny Depp is threatening to pierce her with a bottle and chop her face.

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Amber Heard described in a clear graphic nature a series of alleged cases by Johnny Depp shortly after marriage. The most vicious act is that the actor used a bottle to break into his wife at the time.

Witnessed Thursday when she and Depp drew a horrifying picture claiming to have happened in Australia in March 2015, just a month after tying a knot in LA, before celebrating a wedding on a private island in the Bahamas. I sobbed uncontrollably at his stand.

Having just finished wrapping “The Danish Girl”, Hard jumped on a plane to visit Depp in Australia to film “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mentel Not Tales”. She added that, according to her testimony, the moment she arrived, things became ugly and there were signs that he had lost considerable weight. She claimed that he had taken out the bag of MDMA and asked her to bring some with him, but she refused. But when he started drinking, the fight began. Most notably, on the second day she was in Australia, Depp repeatedly tapped the phone in front of her face before Depp threatened her and used her bottle to invade her. When it was said, he claimed that things had escalated out of control.

“He’s leaning me against the wall, which means I hit my head hard,” she insisted. “He was holding me around my neck. I strangled. It was really annoying. He started telling me that everyone warned him about me, and that he married me. Hoped not. He wanted to never see me, no one liked me. I pushed him hard to get him off me. He Pushed me back and said, “Do you want to go, little girl?” At some point I wrestled with him and had his shirt. He throws me, throws me across the room, and I’m at the ping pong table. He rides on me. He was just hitting me on his face. “

I heard they had a hard time while they were on the ping-pong table before she finally got up from the table. She claims that Depp had her jar at this point and made fun of her, and said that if she tried to reach her jar, he would pull it back and laugh at her. I did.

She further insisted: “About three times I get it and slam it between us. Wine goes everywhere. It really offended him. It was as if the light bulb was switched off and he started screaming. I don’t know if he backhanded me, but it slammed me on the ground. He has a bottle in his hand. He threw it, and it’s me. At one point he had a broken bottle against the neck, area of ​​my face, and he told me he would carve my face. It was scary. “

Depp heard that he had never made eye contact with his ex-wife throughout the testimony and began throwing beer and soda cans at her one after another. She said another struggle continued and again claimed that Depp had pushed her against her wall.

“He’s hitting the wall. If he was wearing my nightie, he stripped it off my chest,” she insisted. “He’s kidding me, he’s holding my chest in my hand. I was naked. I’m sliding this tile. I was trying to get my foothold. Feeling very unstable At some point I hit a wall and he shouted to me that I had ruined his life. I was released from him, I left him and his energy was on the phone He seems to have moved. He hit the wall, picked up the phone, shouted at the top of his lungs, and struck the phone against the wall I was holding. It was repeated over and over again, and the phone was walled. Every time the phone broke into the wall. He was smashing it into a blacksmith. “

“At some point he’s on me. No phone. I scream again.’I hate you. You ruined my f ** king’s life. I can’t see him anymore. His eyes were black. He was looking at me. My head was hitting a wall. I couldn’t breathe, “she insisted.

At this point, Hard begins to get out of control, explaining what happened next.

“The next thing I remember was bending backwards at the bar, raising my chest and staring at the blue light. I thought he was hitting me. I felt this pressure on my pubis. , He was piercing. I could just look at his arm and feel his arm moving and it looked like he was hitting me, but I did this I could feel the pressure, “she insisted.

“I didn’t know if the bottle he had in me was broken,” she further claimed, “I couldn’t feel it.”

The listener sobbed when asked if Depp had pierced her vagina with a bottle. She claimed that he repeatedly pushed it into her and caused her vagina to bleed. This seems to be the case testified earlier this week by Dr. Dawn Hughes, a clinical and forensic psychologist hired by Heard’s legal team.

According to Hard, the fight in Australia was triggered by a series of events, including alleged drinking of Depp. “London Fields”. Depp also claimed that she was angry that she was “nasty” to one of his sisters.

The actress had previously testified that Depp kicked and beat her in collaboration with James Franco in “Aderal Diary” on the second day she took the position of witness.

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Amber Heard explains that Johnny Depp is threatening to pierce her with a bottle and chop her face.

Source link Amber Heard explains that Johnny Depp is threatening to pierce her with a bottle and chop her face.

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