Amazon Opens First Robotics Warehouse in

Amazon creates over 1,000 jobs in Edmonton’s robot warehouse.

The huge 600,000-square-foot fulfillment center will open in the Edmonton area in 2022, allowing Amazon customers to ship orders from their local warehouses and receive orders faster.

This will be Alberta’s second warehouse. The first one was held in Calgary a while ago.

Vibhore Arora, Amazon’s Regional Operations Director, said:

Usually, if it’s a robotics center, you need to be a technician with a technical background to get a job there, “he said. “No. We focus on training, so anyone who wants to be trained can actually get one of these operational jobs.

If you’re a Alberta customer and you’re ordering one of two fulfillment centers in Alberta, you’ll arrive earlier than if you’re ordering an item in Toronto or (out of stock). The situation in Alberta. This is the latest generation of robot technology in this new fulfillment center. The building has millions of products. “


Vibhore Arora

Amazon Regional Operations Director

Alberta’s Prime Minister Jason Kenny said Amazon’s move shows that they are confident in the state.

This is exciting news for Alberta. As we continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, such high-tech investments will continue to bring people back to work as we diversify and look to the future.

Thanks also to Amazon for generously showing to the Parkland County community group by donating 200 robot kits to support STEM learning.


Jason Kenny

Alberta Premier

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Amazon Opens First Robotics Warehouse in

Source link Amazon Opens First Robotics Warehouse in

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