“Alone” Season 9 raises Ante as Montreal doctor Teimojin Tan faces polar bears

Contestants of Season 9 of History 1 personOutdoor survival reality shows, unlike other shows on television, face new threats that can be the most disturbing to date.

Brave competitors will be dropped back into remote areas, allowing only 10 survival items from the pre-approved list to last long and win the $ 500,000 grand prize.

But this season, they’re not just hunting.For the first time, they also hunting..

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In the remote wilderness of Labrador, where Season 9 takes place, there are many challenges to overcome, including the unique threat of polar bears.

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Two Canadian contestants have appeared this season, one of whom is Teimo Jintan.

31-year-old Tan grew up in Montreal and has traveled around the world. At the age of 17, he joined the Canadian Army Reserve and had a special interest in cold-weather warfare and survival. From there, he pursued medical school and is currently working in the fields of emergency and hospital medicine on the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario.

He also specializes in wilderness medicine and uses his medical training and indigenous medical and practical knowledge to teach people how to prepare for and overcome illnesses and injuries in remote and harsh environments. ..

The ten items Tan chose to bring to his survival journey were sleeping bags, axes, multi-tools, ferro rods, two-quart pots, bows and arrows, paracords, trapping wires, fishing lines and hooks, and emergency food.

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Global news is about his experience at Labrador (the show has already been produced, but there’s no spoilers here!), How his training helped him in the wild, and the threat of polar bears alone. I talked to Tan on the phone about how realistic I felt while I was there.

Global News: What’s the biggest survival challenge you’ve ever taken?
Teimo Jintan: I have traveled a lot alone. There are also trips in tropical and cold environments, usually two weeks at a time.

Usually, in such situations, you can bring whatever you like.You can bring emergency food, you can bring your ax, your saw, all these things that are your 10+ items [brought to Alone]..

Teimojin Tan is competing for $ 500,000 in Season 9 of “Alone”.

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Looking back on you 1 person In your experience, have you changed any of the 10 items you brought?
In the particular environment I was in, I wouldn’t have changed my selection. I was very comfortable with my item. I had the ax I brought there for almost 10 years, so it was like an old friend. Some of my equipment wasn’t the latest or the best … but they were the items I trusted because I passed it through an army squeezer.

What did you do to get ready to attend the show?
Preparing for hunting and expeditions you need to hunt, your knowledge and skills need to be up-to-date and truly accurate. I’ve been practicing with a back bow that I’ve been shooting for 7 years, so there was a lot of target practice and research on fishing and fishing techniques. I also practiced many primitive trapping techniques.

My metabolism is so fast that it’s really hard to gain weight, so I went on a national diet before going to the show and gained another 20 pounds.

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What was the biggest challenge you faced at the show?
For me, unlike some people on the show, I had never hunted before. I shot the bow many times to practice the target, but never intentionally took anything for food. It’s incredibly difficult to do that. Not only from the perspective of skill, but also from the perspective of living. Taking the life of a cute and vague animal was a huge challenge.

Even if you think about the method [trap and kill] Various animals were also a challenge. Look at their actions and patterns and put yourself between those patterns to kill them.

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How did the lessons learned about indigenous medicine help at the show?
Above all, I think the spirit of the indigenous community is to realize its essence as soon as you enter the community. Everything is so happy and I really appreciate what everyone has. And because they face limited resources, their ability to adapt and overcome is really exciting.

It was also helpful to know a little about the plants that grow naturally in the area. Foraging is a very large part of the survival there.

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Speaking of foraging, how much time did you spend?
It’s worth seeing what food is around you while waiting for a particular animal to enter the trap or for the fish to ride on the hook. I think I spend 30 to 40 percent of my time on foraging.

Did you feel lonely?
I have a very nice support system, a very loving family and a big fan of the show. So the type of support they gave me made me feel like they were with me. I spent a lot of time thinking about what they would say to me and what advice they would give me. And recently, I’ve been listening to loved ones who have passed far away. I spent a lot of time talking to them.

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How did your experience in the army and as a doctor help you prepare?
So in the army, you need to push hard and work as a team, and you need to know how to adapt and improvise when things get difficult. Being confident in my skills and being confident that I could understand them was a big advantage for me.

When it comes to medicine, much of what I brought and how I intended to manipulate it at the show was very intentional. The most common illnesses and injuries have always been at the forefront of my mind. Looking at the equipment I had, I was able to convert it to medical equipment.

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There was a curve ball this year — the threat of polar bears. Were you afraid?
When they tell you, the average polar bear weighs three times as much as a typical Canadian black bear and is looking for food when they have previously tried to gain as much weight as possible. Tell you that there are polar bears Winter, yeah, the hair on the back of my neck stood, especially at first.

There were signs of bears around me, and I always had a bow or something in my hand to protect myself.

What was the most horrifying or most disturbing situation you faced?
Waking up at midnight and having a bear threat on his toes was arguably the scariest part. And build a shelter with the intention of winning this show … it must be one piece of structure, which doesn’t happen overnight.

Many of us there, and many of the contestants in the past, have the doors open so bears can easily walk and sniff. There are wolves and other animals, but they just don’t know what they can do. It was very scary to hear their voice at night, especially at first.

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This interview has been edited and summarized.

“Alone” Season 9 premiered in history on May 26th at 10pm (ET / PT). A new episode will be broadcast every Thursday at the same time. It can also be used for streaming on StackTV.

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“Alone” Season 9 raises Ante as Montreal doctor Teimojin Tan faces polar bears

Source link “Alone” Season 9 raises Ante as Montreal doctor Teimojin Tan faces polar bears

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