Allianz Announces Latest Earnings Results

Insurance giant Allianz has released its latest set of earnings results. While some key numbers are lower than his 2021, group boss Oliver Bethe sees a second-quarter profit as a sign of “solid” financial performance.

Global insurer results for the three and six months ended June 30 were as follows:


Q2 2022

Q2 2021

First half of 2022

First half of 2021

Operating Income – Property Damage

1.6 billion euros

1.4 billion euros

3 billion euros

2.9 billion euros

Operating Income – Life & Health

1.1 billion euros

1.3 billion euros

2.3 billion euros

2.5 billion euros

Operating Profit – Asset Management

€771 million

€825 million

1.6 billion euros

1.57 billion euros

Operating income

3.5 billion euros

3.3 billion euros

€6.7 billion

6.66 billion euros

Net income attributable to shareholders

1.7 billion euros

2.2 billion euros

2.3 billion euros

4.8 billion euros

Allianz opened the lid on the numbers and said: Growth was partially offset by the Life and Health operating segment, reflecting the impact of volatile market conditions and lower investment returns in Germany and the United States.

“Lower asset management operating income following unfavorable market developments and cautious investor sentiment also had an offsetting effect.”

Meanwhile, according to Allianz, the decline in non-operating investment results more than offset a decline in corporate tax and an increase in operating profit, leading to a decline in the group’s net profit attributable to shareholders.

Bate says: Our operating profit and Group solvency ratio have proven resilient to increased volatility and an underlying weak economic environment.

“We are well positioned to manage the effects of high inflation and economic pressures, which are particularly pronounced in Europe. Allianz will continue to deploy our advantages of stability and scale to the benefit of our customers and shareholders. I will continue.”

Allianz Announces Latest Earnings Results

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