All stores that can earn 3% cash back with Apple Card

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I use Apple Pay for everything. ItFast, safe, and More than anything Get 2% cash back with your Apple Card.However, some stores 2% cash back —Participating retailers offer 3%. SoiIf you want to narrow down all the cents of credit card rewards you can make to your shopping, you may want to consider choosing these stores over alternatives, if possible.

As a review, Apple Card has three different tiers of cashback rewards. If you use a physical card, you will get a 1% reduction everywhere. When using Apple Pay You can make a 2% profit directly or online. When using Apple Pay Directly or online You can make a profit of 3% at any of the following retail stores: This money is automatically added to your Apple Cash card and can be used for other purchases. Head to your Apple Card invoice or put it in your bank account.

At which stores do I get 3% cash back when I use Apple Pay with my Apple Card?

Apple adds to this list from time to time, so it will continue to be updated as circumstances change.A story that currently offers 3% cash back for use Apple Pay using Apple Card includes:

Ace hardware: Ace Hardware is the latest store to be added to Apple’s 3% Cashback Program. Compared to hardware competition, you can earn additional cash back points when you shop at the store.

Apple: It’s probably not surprising that Apple is one of the companies on this Apple Card list. Buy Apple Pay at your company, whether it’s an iPhone or an app, and you’ll get 3% cash back.

Exxon Mobil: Gas prices are high these days and all the cents saved will help. Using your Apple Card at an ExxonMobil gas station will give you 3% cash back, including both pumps and purchases at the included convenience stores.

Nike: Like gas prices, Nike products It’s also expensive, so if you use Apple Pay with your Apple Card, it’s good to have an additional 1% cash back in your pocket. Please be aware that this 3% cashback transaction is not available at Nike stores outside the United States.

Panela: Panera reduces soups, salads and sandwiches by 3%, but not outside the United States. It also does not apply to orders through third-party apps, online purchases using plastic gift cards, and gift card purchases through the “Bulk Gift Cards” program.

T-mobile: AT & T may have been the exclusive carrier for the iPhone for some time, but T-Mobile is now the exclusive carrier for 3% Apple Pay cashback. Earn these benefits by shopping at the T-Mobile Store Or when paying a T-Mobile invoice.This program isn’However, it does not apply to T-Mobile Authorized Dealers..

Uber/ /Uber Eats: Choose Uber for Ride Share to get more cash back And UberEats Food delivery. Now that you have extra money, be sure to give the driver a tip.

Walgreens:fanSufficiently, Apple actually most advertises Walgreens across its 3% cashback program. However, Sprint Express and independent medical service providers, including Walgreens Optical and Walgreens Hearing, cannot regain 3%. Also, you will not be rewarded for using third-party distribution apps.

All stores that can earn 3% cash back with Apple Card

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