‘All options on the table’ to block federal gun buybacks, swears Tyler Shandro

The Kenny government will do everything it can to thwart Ottawa’s plans to implement tougher firearms controls, including the buyback of AR-15 military rifles and similar weapons banned two years ago. Justice Minister Tyler Shandro swore hard on Monday.

The government intends to do everything in its power to stop the “gun robbery,” a tired-looking, tie-less and rather scruffy Shandro told a press conference.

This includes wait for it, go to court – Possibly to try to prove that the federal government has no jurisdiction over federal jurisdiction.

However “All options are under consideration! ”

“Alberta is said to be using the RCMP to confiscate firearms, similar to the 2013 floods when the RCMP seized more than 600 firearms in the infamous High River shooting.” Today’s actions are aimed at preventing history from repeating itself.Further options are being considered and all options are under consideration.”

like what? Separation? nuclear weapons?

“The planned confiscation represents a failed approach to reducing violence in Canadian society and is an unjust and unacceptable violation of Alberta’s property rights and personal liberties,” said Alberta’s “chief firearms officer.” ‘ Terry Bryant piped in the news.

She was given a new position by the Kenny government in August 2021, apparently to thwart enforcement of federal firearms laws.

In addition to accusing the Trudeau government of already planning to “confiscate” illegal weapons, spokespeople for Shandro and Bryant sent an angry, carefully worded letter. Invite other state governments to participate resistancea letter to Federal Public Security Minister Marco Mendicino and RCMP K division commander Curtis Zabroki made a fuss about the program.

In the letter, Shandro echoed a popular argument in the “law-abiding firearms community” (in Bryant’s words) that assault-style weapons were “deemed to be an aesthetically offensive ‘style’ of firearms.” Banned just because” – never mind the undeniable. The fact is that such a look is meant to sell to inexperienced gun enthusiasts looking to up their fragile masculinity.

So Shandro is clearly trying to pick a fight with the federal government to score points in one of the UCP base’s dark corners, just as Prime Minister Jason Kenny calls himself an elder politician. and trying to rebrand as an advocate of politeness.

It’s unclear why they’re doing this now that the Kenny administration will only be around for nine or ten days, or at most two weeks, and it’s probably not worth speculating.

Shandro have He has shown a knack for getting into fights with doctors, neighbors who didn’t like his social media posts, and most recently, legal aid lawyers. In fact, that seems to be what Kenny chose when he appointed him Health Minister in April 2019.

But despite the ludicrous allegations and inflammatory language in yesterday’s press release, it’s highly unlikely that this performance effort will rise out of Ottawa.

in short, here we go! Ottawa has experienced politicians on the liberal side. Why would they bother to react to a Chandro-like beep when there’s a good chance he’ll be demoted to the back bench in a few weeks?

In fact, if he waits a few more months and seeks re-election, Calgary-Acadia voters may bluntly suggest he return to his own law practice. Code of conduct in the Kenny administration.

Shandro’s disciplinary hearing is scheduled for October 17-19.

In other words, the reaction in Ottawa, and in state capitals other than Regina, could be summarized as follows. Fufufufu!

Well, give Shandro credit – at least he’s threatening to challenge a law he disagrees with in court.

It may not be very likely that it will succeed, but at least it is most likely that Kenny will be sworn in as Alberta’s unelected prime minister when he leaves the building on or shortly after October 6. It does not show the candidate’s complete disdain for the rule of law.

‘All options on the table’ to block federal gun buybacks, swears Tyler Shandro

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