Alison Brie recalls a childhood accident that was almost blind

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Alison Brie was a seven-year-old kid running around the school playground when life changed almost forever. She fell behind her and hit her head against the concrete ground, after which she was temporarily blind. But there was a real fear that her blindness would be permanent.

When starring Dr. Priyanka Wali and “Will & Grace” star Sean Hayes’ health podcast “Hypochondri Actor,” the “GLOW” star details the tragic ordeal that occurred after hitting a girl four times the size of her. bottom. After hitting her ground, Bree says thankfully her sister Lauren was there and took her to her nurse’s office.

She didn’t know the term at the time, but it was clear to Bree that she was suffering from a concussion. The “Mad Men” star said she felt “a little off the beaten track” after walking to her nurse’s office.

“I just feel it and it’s foggy, but I can still see it,” she recalled. “The women in the office are like’lower your head and close your eyes’. They put us in a dark room.”

Without skipping the beat, Dr. Warri advises that lying down and closing eyes after a head injury is not a big deal.

“If you lose consciousness, you want to keep that person awake, as it can be a sign of more serious potential bleeding,” said a licensed medical practitioner who specializes in internal medicine. Wari said. “If you put them to sleep, you don’t know when they started to lose consciousness. Also, if you start to lose consciousness after hitting your head, you need to get a CAT scan and go to the emergency room. I have.”

The effects of the violent clash soon began to subside, as Bree explained that he had begun to forget what had happened. Of course, this urged her sister to be “surprised.” Bree said her dad eventually picked them up and they started driving to the hospital, but things only got worse from there.

“My dad arrived and I don’t remember anything,” Bree explains. “Like the next part of my memory, I’m in the backseat of my dad’s car and boom-I can’t see anything,” she said. “When I close my eyes, it turns black, but I can see some light and shadow.”

Bree says he started crying, asking hysterically, “Am I just blind now?”And that yet Things got worse before they finally got better.

On the way to the hospital, Bree said her dad had entered the fender vendor. As a result, Bree got to the floor of her car. She said she thought she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. But worse, Bree had to call her friend to take Bree to the hospital while her father was dealing with the aftermath of a car accident. She said.

Bree said she eventually had a CAT scan, and the doctor sent her parents a message that her mother and father didn’t want to hear. Her life. “

The actress said she remembers waking up. At that point, about 10 hours after her first clash, she remembers her parents desperately running towards bed and asking if she could see them. I am.

“At this point, I have no memory,” Bree recalled. “As you know, I wake up in this hospital bed. Everyone can see. Bree stayed in the hospital for a few days to observe further. But even after returning home,” the number of parents He woke up every hour to check his eyesight, “so I didn’t feel relieved.

Fortunately for Bree, there are no protracted problems after an unusual accident. And as a good measure, Bree says she has an almost perfect vision.

“I think I just checked my eyes last year or a year ago because they were trying to get in touch for me for work,” she explained. “I was.” Yes. What is my recent vision? She said, “It’s almost 20/20. It’s like 20 and 19 and three-quarters.” Since then, I have a great vision. “

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Alison Brie recalls a childhood accident that was almost blind

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