Ali Wong feels like an “action hero” while giving back to “Celebrity IOU”

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Ali Wong went out to surprise her best friend.

In a new episode of “Celebrity IOU,” comedians worked with Property Brothers to makeover Citadelle’s home.

“Without her, I wouldn’t really be where I was,” Wong told Drew and Jonathan Scott.

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Wong and his brothers have redone the basement and backyard of their college classmates.

“Scary, you’re like an action hero. You’re basically picking up these giant weapons and fighting against this old a ** wall and these old a ** tiles,” Wong said. Said while trying to demo.

“They are literally glued to the floor and glued. They are meant to stay there forever. The intention of such a person is this 5 feet trying to do something good for a friend. It wasn’t like being dug up by a woman in. “

“You have always given me so much,” Wong said of how Citadel and his partner Victor opened the door to her. “I’m basically a professional Moocher, and if I don’t reply to you right away, I can’t continue moaching.”

“She really looks like a sister to me,” Wong said.

Ali Wong, along with Drew and Jonathan Scott, have refurbished the basement of a college friend, as seen at Celebrity IOU. Photo: HGTV

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It was also a moving moment for Citadel. “I can’t believe this is my life. I can’t believe this is happening. I feel like she hasn’t borrowed anything from me. Her friendship was a very gift I feel like. “

“Celebrity IOU” will be aired on HGTV Canada.

Ali Wong feels like an “action hero” while giving back to “Celebrity IOU”

Source link Ali Wong feels like an “action hero” while giving back to “Celebrity IOU”

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