Alex Jones said ‘sorry’ about Sandy Hook’s outburst in court

Alex Jones said in an angry outburst in the stands that he had finished saying “I’m sorry” for spreading the rumor that the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting never happened. It was the first time Jones appeared in person in Thursday’s latest defamation trial.

of infowars The host and far-right conspiracy theorist testified in a defamation trial in Connecticut about 20 miles from Newtown, the site of the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre that claimed the lives of 20 children and six educators. did.

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After being sued for defamation, Jones finally admitted in 2019 that the Sandy Hook shooting was real and that the distraught parents of the children who died that day were not endangered actors. , on Thursday, he angrily refused to continue apologizing for the lies he had spread.

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In Connecticut, Jones is being sued for damages by the families of eight Sandy Hook victims and FBI agents who responded to the attack. They testified early in the trial that they received death threats, abusive messages on social media, and in-person harassment from Jones followers who believed in conspiracy theories. There were even people

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The plaintiff’s attorney, Christopher Mattei, accused Jones of placing targets on the parents’ backs by pointing at the family in court and saying, “These are real people.”

“Like all Iraqis liberals kill and love,” Jones replied. “You just can’t believe it. You turn it on and off when you need it, and you turn on your emotions. You’re just chasing an ambulance.”

“Why don’t you show some respect?” Jones’ attorney Norm Pattis objected, and several family members shook their heads in obvious disbelief, prompting Mattei to fire back.

The exchange continued with Mattei pointing out that the court’s family had “lost children, sisters, wives and mothers.”

“Is this a fighting session?” Jones said. “Are we in China?

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Judge Barbara Bellis, after pardoning the jury’s remarks that day, warned both sides that further ranting would lead to a disrespect trial.

Jones was held liable for damages to plaintiffs last year without a trial. The judge called him repeatedly failing to turn over papers to his lawyers.A juror of six now found that Jones and Free Speech Systems, the parent company of Jones’ media platform Infowars, had slandered the bereaved family and intentionally determines the amount to be paid to the bereaved family for causing mental distress.

Jones has already been found guilty of default in two similar lawsuits surrounding the Sandy Hook case in his hometown of Austin, Texas. A jury in one of his cases last month ordered Mr. Jones to pay his parents one of his nearly $50 million in damages. of children killed. His third trial in Texas is expected to begin near the end of the year.

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During Thursday’s proceedings, Jones was forced to admit through interrogation that he called Judge Bellis a “tyrant” on his show, and his Infowars site has a page that called the trial a “kangaroo court.” It contained an image of Bellis firing a laser. out of her eyes. The page, made by his staff, he called “a good report.”

Jones was asked about ads and other Sandy Hook content on the page, as well as daily earnings reports. Jones said he couldn’t answer those questions, but denied that he saw the trial as a marketing opportunity.

Later, when asked about his fundraising and products offered on his internet store, he always gave a URL where people could buy cryptocurrencies to support his company.

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“It’s going to be a clip for your show tonight,” Mattei said. “Is this an ad for a cryptocurrency page?”

“I mean, people want to keep us in the fight, so I hope whoever the big whale is is giving us money before it continues,” Jones said. said.

During Infowars’ financial discussion, Jones said his team is “fighting the Deep State and needs funding.”

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Jones, who returned to the stands on Friday, made a brief comment to reporters as he left the courthouse.

“The First Amendment will prevail,” he said. “The American people will never be silent.”

Jones’ attorney argued in court that the damages he was due should be limited, and that the plaintiffs had exaggerated the damage Jones’ lies had caused them.

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Alex Jones said ‘sorry’ about Sandy Hook’s outburst in court

Source link Alex Jones said ‘sorry’ about Sandy Hook’s outburst in court

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