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Alena Glasman – Council Candidate


Manage bylaws and regulations appropriately updated to accommodate the necessary growth facing Peachland while addressing the direction of Peachland’s residents. Accepting that growth is inevitable. Take control of its destiny and ensure sustainability by future families and our own generations.


Housing costs are determined by land prices, not by parliament. Our land is valuable and should be accessible to all who choose to live in our beautiful communities. Affordable housing without compromising current neighborhood demand and services It is necessary to consider options for increasing


Adding traffic lights at major intersections on Route 97 to control traffic would improve traffic flow, but would not fully address the level of congestion faced. A bypass is an option, but not if it divides our neighborhood and essentially divides our community. Includes sidewalk and basic road repair and maintenance.


Fellow candidate and Peachland resident Keith Tom, aka Papa Tom. A wonderfully talented man who uses all of his talents to raise awareness and fund various projects and organizations.

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Alena Glassman – Kelowna Capital News

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