Alec Baldwin footage just minutes after the deadly “Last” movie set was released-nationwide

Warning: This story contains blasphemous words. Discretionary is recommended.

The police have a body camera image rust A movie set containing a video of actor Alec Baldwin shortly after the deadly shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

On Monday, the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office released “All Files Related to Ongoing Investigations”. This included several photos and videos, including a “live round”, when Hutchins was attacked and killed by a prop gun shot by Baldwin (64) in October 2021. Rusty writer and director Joel Souza was also injured in the incident.

The shooting happened when he rehearsed with what he believed Baldwin was a safe gun.

In a silent rehearsal video released by police, Baldwin can be seen immediately pulling and aiming at the F.lli Pietta 45 Long Colt Revolver. This is the same gun that later misfired.

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Further body camera footage shows that rescuers are in a hurry to treat Hutchins and Sousa in the film set before being taken to the ambulance.

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A video of Baldwin, who is visibly suffering, talking to a policeman in a cowboy costume has also been released. In the recording just minutes after the shoot, the policeman asked if Baldwin was okay and said, “No, I’m not really.”

In the video, Baldwin confirms to the officer, “Yes, I had a gun.” He continues to work with the police in spite of his hectic conditions, saying, “My hands are shaking.”

The actor asked the authorities what Hutchins was doing and was told that his status was suspicious.

The crime scene technician then took a picture of Baldwin in his costume as evidence.

Another body camera image rust Armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed was released and told authorities, “Welcome to the worst day of my life.”

Gutierrez was responsible for maintaining and supplying the weapons for the movie set.

Minutes after the shooting, Gutierrez told police she was a movie armorer, “or at least I was.” After that, she takes a female officer to the bathroom, says Gutierrez. “I can’t believe Alec Baldwin had a gun. It’s very weird.”

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Gutierrez also told executives that she wanted to leave her colleague, “I just don’t want to take the fk out of here and show my face again in the industry.”

“I’m the only female armorer in the game and I’ve just completed my entire career,” she said in a video footage.

Emails and messages from Gutierrez were also included along with photo and video evidence. rust set. In one message, Gutierrez is asking the supplier for live ammunition for a different movie than it was a few months ago.

The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office has not yet filed a criminal accusation in this case.

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Alec Baldwin footage just minutes after the deadly “Last” movie set was released-nationwide

Source link Alec Baldwin footage just minutes after the deadly “Last” movie set was released-nationwide

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