“AGT”: Saxophonist Avery Dixon wins first season 17 golden buzzer

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Auditions for “America’s Got Talent” can never be as emotional as the performance of saxophonist Avery Dixon, who has a huge talent and a powerful backstory.

21-year-old Dixon explained that he was the first to get a saxophone as a way to deal with the “relentless” bullying he received from his classmates, with a premature birth weighing only £ 1 and 8 ounces.

“I was in a very dark place, I really wanted to commit suicide,” Dixon said. “When you’re thinking that way, all you want to do is stop … that’s when I actually started learning how to play.”

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And the performance he played captivated the judges with his soulful saxophone style.

“When we play on an instrument, we play with our hearts. We feel it,” said Judge Heidi Klum.

“Every time I hear about a child being bullied at school, it hurt my heart,” Simon Cowell added. “I hope everyone who bullied you now is watching this audition. All of us were happy to do good for you. I didn’t know you would be a great person. did.”

Before other judges can provide their critique. “AGT” host Terry Crews has begun to slam his palm into the golden buzzer, automatically sending Dixon to the next round.

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“You have now touched the hearts of all the humans in this building,” the crew told a young musician. “You’ve been bullied for the rest of your life, but every bully says he has an older brother named Terry Crews here and has your back. All of those bullies You have to watch for your success. “

“AGT”: Saxophonist Avery Dixon wins first season 17 golden buzzer

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