Adele wants more kids-E!online

Adele I look forward to having a smaller love.

“Someone Like You” singer sharing a 9-year-old son Angelo With ex-husband Simon Koneki —She revealed that she wanted to expand her family someday.

“I definitely want two more kids,” he told the 34-year-old BBC Radio 4 show. Uninhabited island disc July 2nd. “That’s great. Otherwise, I have Angelo.”

Adele and Simon tied a knot in 2018 before splitting the following year. Their divorce ended in March 2021, but Grammy award winners claim that the two maintain a strong co-parenting relationship.

“It wasn’t really tricky because we are very good friends and my kid has a nasty divorce in his life on my corpse,” she explained. “I think it was easier to make sure it didn’t happen because there were no problems or problems, but I was blessed with them. He’s great. And I definitely approached everything. Gracefully, and it really paid off. “

Adele wants more kids-E!online

Source link Adele wants more kids-E!online

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