Adelaide Metcalfe Fire Chief Retires

Longtime Adelaide Metcalfe Fire Chief Allend Noordhof will retire later this year.

Noordhof has been the Chief of the Department Fire Department for 20 years since he first joined as a volunteer firefighter in 1982. He served as a firefighter, trainer, captain, and deputy chief before taking the top position as a volunteer. He was then hired as a full-time employee in 2011 as a fire chief, alternative CEMC, health and safety coordinator, and KWWTP worker.

“The announcement of retirement was made at the Township Council on October 4th.

This decision was not easy, as the fire brigade has been a big part of my life for nearly 40 years, and I enjoyed it every minute. This is primarily due to the best members of the fire department that everyone has ever worked with, “Noordhof told the council.

He also chaired the Middlesex County Fire Training Association for six years and trained the ML HUCER V team. In 2013, he was appointed by the Fire Marshal as the Fire Coordinator for Middlesex County.

Mayor Curtis Smith recalled the first council meeting in December 2010, when the fire chief first turned into a full-time employee.

“On behalf of the Council, I would like to thank the Council for all the efforts that have been made at Adelaide Metcalfe over the last few decades. You have worked with many firefighters and many. We have worked with different management staff, mayors and councils. You respect many members of our community. The work you have done is amazing and easy to become a firefighter chief. It’s not a job, “Smith said.

“We have some very big shoes to meet.”

This means that we need a new chief to start 2022.

The council has passed a motion to establish a fire chief recruitment committee consisting of Deputy Mayor Mary Ann Hendrix of the Council. Mike Brodie and CAO Morgan Culvert. The interview is scheduled for mid-November, the council will submit the report by the end of November, and the council will hand over the necessary documents in the first week of December.

Mr. Nordhof said he would support the recruitment process next year and support the next fire chief.

Adelaide Metcalfe Fire Chief Retires

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