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Add a digital pet to your iPhone

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When it comes to new tech, flashy features grab attention.of iPhone 14 Pro The highlight, of course, is the Dynamic Island. This is a camera cutout that actually adapts depending on how you use your iPhone. Apple touts the island as a hub for alerts and background tasks, but its true potential may lie in the unique uses that third-party developers have come up with. Case in point: You can turn your 14 Pro’s dynamic island into T’s home.Pets like Amagochi.

Of course, this isn’t something Apple makes available in the settings (although it definitely should).Instead, it’s a function created by iOS developer Christian Seligbest known for his Reddit client, ApolloWhen amplification, an app that converts AMP links to regular URLs.For this Tamagotchi-inspired feature, Selig placed a cat on a dynamic island and The only purpose is to run around, look cute, sleep and live the dream.

The cat’s name is Hugo, named after Selig’s real-life cat, but it’s not the only animal option for 14 Pro Tamagochi. You can also pick “Pixelpals” from what he calls Dynamic His Island Zoo, Rupert the dog, Choltley the hedgehog, Finnegan the fox, and Mochi the axolotl.

One (big) downside here is that these digital pets can’t follow you when you’re using the iPhone 14 Pro. Unfortunately, iOS is still iOS, and Selig doesn’t want Hugo, Finnegan, or Chortley on Dynamic Island while you’re tweeting, scrolling through TikTok, or messaging your friends. You cannot snooze with Instead, this functionality is built into Apollo. So, if you’re not currently on Reddit, I have to start now.

Apollo has a paid tier, but Selig includes the Dynamic Island Zoo for free. As long as you have the latest version of the app and an iPhone 14 Pro or 14 Pro Max, you can find options for the Apollo app. Settings > General > Pixel Pals.

Other iPhones can use Pixel Pals, that too

Even if you don’t have an iPhone 14 Pro, you can still enjoy Pixel Pals. Selig makes Pixels Pals an option for Apollo widgets Customizable lock screen in iOS 16If your iPhone supports the latest Apple updates and has the Apollo app installed, you can always see Pixel Pal.

To set, press and hold the lock screen, tap[カスタマイズ]then select a widget space and tap[ウィジェットの追加]Display the menu. Tap Apollo, then swipe to Pixel Pal. You can add a small or large Pixel Pal widget to your lock screen. That means you can have 2, 3, or 4 Pixel Pals on your screen at once.

Place the Pixel Pal widget on your lock screen and it will default to Hugo the cat. To change animals, tap the widget, then tap “Cat (Hugo)” to swap it with one of her four other companions.

Add a digital pet to your iPhone

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