According to Reddit, how (and why) you exercise when you’re high

There are some classic activities that go well with weeds: watching funny movies, listening to music, and hitting the kitchen. But keep in mind that if you do so responsibly, you can also run and stretch when you’re high.

Why should you try exercising (maybe) while you are high

As one redditor put it in thread About high edible running: “The sound of the music has improved, the connection with nature has increased, the miles have increased, the pain has disappeared. It’s terrible. Now I prefer to have an edible one before running. There is only. “

Other runners chimed the cannabis, agreeing that the long runs wouldn’t be boring, the pain and pain would disappear in the background, and the sights and sounds of the runs, especially the trail runs, would be more enjoyable. One added: “It’s great when you’re on a trail that only connects with nature, or when you’re driving down the street checking out the Christmas lights on the night of December.”

The legendary “Runner’s High” (not a true high, but a good mood experienced during or shortly after a run) was once thought to be derived from endorphins released during exercise. However, recent studies have shown that Refers to endogenous cannabinoidsOur brain’s own homemade version of the chemicals contained in weeds. If this is true, cannabis only enhances the sensation that many of us get from running anyway.

Weeds are also popular among yogis Recent discussion thread High was divided into those who felt that it was useful for meditation and relaxation, and those who felt that it really prevented them from touching their body. However, if you enjoy yoga while it’s expensive, “Cannabis Yoga” class Especially for this experience.

Weightlifting at high altitudes seems to be less popular than rhythmic and meditative activities, but cannabis The connection between the mind and muscles When doing bodybuilding style training (for example, when doing a lot of people with dumbbells).

If you want to try it, how to exercise high

For your safety, it’s important to think about everything before you start. Never drive to or from the gym while you are high. If you’re walking, choose a route that you can drive without getting lost or in a dangerous place.And consider training with your friends It’s not expensive. With these safety tips covered, let’s talk about some of the finer details for a fun workout.

Start your workout and after that Get higher

The biggest obstacle many of us have to exercise when high is getting off the couch and consuming energy when high. R runnereddit has a simple solution to this problem: TIm your consumption so that the effect hits you rear You start your training. If you have a long-term plan to go out for a few hours, you can eat edible, then get dressed and have a pre-workout meal. Miles by the second or third time, You will begin to feel the heights coming. Or use the arc pen when warming up for your next session on an exercise bike or yoga mat. You understand the idea.

Try it at home first

Another important point highlighted by redditors in many different threads is to make sure everything is new to you. If you’ve never been high, don’t plan to gummy weeds at the start line of the marathon.

If you are particularly anxious, use the methods or products you have used before and stay in a familiar environment (such as at home). You can be more adventurous once you know how you react and how you like the experience.

Use a lighter dose

Many cannabis-loving runners have said they use less weeds to exercise than if they were just hanging out. Half the dose seems to be a rule of thumb. Therefore, if you normally take 5 mg of gummies, try 2.5 on your next trail run.

Traditionally, Sativa strains are considered to be highly active. However, the Sativa / Indica split is not always a reliable indicator of how you feel.Some redditors recommend using something 1: 1 Ratio of THC to CBD.. Also, each product may have a different experience. Edible is the infamous variable. In conclusion, use the one you are familiar with.

Plan munching and thirst in advance

Especially when you go out for a run, make sure you can drink water when your mouth is dry. (It’s even more important to plan ahead if it gets hot or if the weather conditions are potentially dangerous. For example, it’s enough to notice signs of dehydration.)

If you’re exercising for health-related reasons and are worried about digging into a large bag of cheetos to keep your diet off the ground, knowing that fruit can be a heavenly experience when it’s high. You will be pleased. Make sure the ripe mango is ready.Or quote another redditor: “HHave you ever eaten super ripe mandarin oranges while you were high? Juicy, sweet and spicy perfection. Get the strawberries. Grate the cherry tomatoes with balsamic vinegar and salt. very good. “

Why you don’t want to exercise while you’re high

Many redditors supported the experience, but some tried the exercise while it was high and did not recommend it.

One of the common complaints was that changing the perception of time was a double-edged sword. Many people find miles passing by, but others feel like they were running for hours when it was only a few minutes. Cannabis can also prevent you from doing exactly what you are doing and the technique you are using. Some runners enjoyed the highs when doing easy or long runs, but said they wouldn’t have enough concentration to run the best races.

And just as cannabis can help connect with your body, some people felt they were. that too Unfortunately, they are aware of their bodies and their surroundings.

Even if you enjoy high exercise, another potential problem is that you may not be able to (or don’t want to) exercise without it.Judging from the number of people who said everytime Higher when they exercise, it seems to be a valid concern.

If you compete in a drug-tested sport, that’s another reason you might want to be wary of high exercise. The World Anti-Doping Agency believes THC is acceptable outside of competition (so it’s okay to be high in your time), but using weeds close enough to the competition will bust athletes. Appears on drug tests.

And finally, you may want to be aware of the impact that appearing high can have on other people. One redditor complained About not being able to fully participate because the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practice partner is covered in stone. Therefore, remember to be considerate of others when doing high exercise.

According to Reddit, how (and why) you exercise when you’re high

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