A woman with celiac disease says she hasn’t eaten for 40 hours while at a quarantine hotel in Toronto

An Edmonton woman with extreme celiac disease says she hasn’t eaten for at least 40 hours because she hasn’t received a gluten-free diet at a quarantine hotel in Toronto.

Janet Game said he had his last meal on a plane from Ethiopia around 4:30 EST on Saturday, December 4th.

Janet and her husband McGame arrived in Toronto on December 4th at 7:30 am and ordered quarantine until the COVID-19 test was negative because the Omicron variant of the malavirus was in South Africa 13 days ago. Was done. It has spread.

As of November 30, Canada requires that anyone who travels to South Africa within 14 days, even if fully vaccinated, stay in a designated quarantine facility while waiting for the results of the arrival test. I am.

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Mack was vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccine three times and Janet was vaccinated twice.

Mc said he arrived at the Hilton Hotel for quarantine around 4:30 pm on December 4, but did not receive dinner that night.

The next morning, they didn’t receive any food either. She said she had her first meal until lunch on December 5th — some of the crispy chicken that wasn’t gluten-free.

A meal received by Janet and McGame while at the Quarantine Hotel.


Janet said she suffers from severe celiac disease and her food cannot even be secondarily contaminated with gluten. She said she would feel terrible pain and diarrhea when she ate gluten.

“I have to be careful.”

Mc said they told the hotel about dietary restrictions when they first arrived.

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The hotel contact is the Canadian Red Cross and there is no one at the reception.

They tried to call the Canadian Red Cross at least five times throughout December 5 and said they were on hold for up to an hour before contacting anyone.

They accepted their food request when they were finally able to contact the representative, but at dinner they again received some of the non-gluten-free meals.

Meals received by Maku and Janet Game who were not gluten-free.


Janet is drinking sugar water to maintain her energy as she has to fight an injured leg fracture in Africa.

Kirsten Long, a spokesperson for the Canadian Red Cross, said the organization is investigating this issue: “It is possible to support returnees with urgent and new needs on arrival and to meet their unique needs. We are working as quickly as possible. “

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Global News contacted Public Safety Canada and Global Affairs Canada, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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“I just want to go home. I don’t eat food,” Janet told Global News. “I’m very tired and very tired.”

The game cannot leave the room or receive food orders from Uber Eats or nearby relatives.

“I’m very scared,” Janet said of the hotel atmosphere. “You can’t see anyone. They put plastic all over the wall.

“It’s like the world of science fiction novels … they’re overdoing it.”

They received a negative COVID-19 test result after striving to be promoted by the lab, but are waiting for public health to be able to board the plane back to Edmonton. I have lived for 20 years.

They want to fly on Monday morning.

“That’s terrible,” Mc said. “We adhere to public health measures, but this treatment shouldn’t be done in Canada. It’s not anywhere else. We say Canada — this kind of treatment shouldn’t happen anywhere.

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“It’s very shameful.”

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A woman with celiac disease says she hasn’t eaten for 40 hours while at a quarantine hotel in Toronto

Source link A woman with celiac disease says she hasn’t eaten for 40 hours while at a quarantine hotel in Toronto

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