A stocky man has a successful kidney transplant

A stocky man has been given new life following a successful kidney transplant operation in Vancouver. twenty one.

Cole Derry has been dealing with more than two years of medical complications since his body rejected his first kidney transplant in 2020.

According to a post from Delhi’s partner Karen on the Coles Kidney Journey Facebook page, both Delhi and his living donor Pam are “getting along pretty well.”

Karen wrote that her husband’s medical team told her: The new kidneys are already working too, which is amazing news. ”

“This has been an extraordinary experience and Cole and I are extremely grateful and so excited to have the chance to live a ‘normal’ life,” Karen said. We are now entering a more difficult phase of recovery and I am hopeful, but cautiously optimistic, that this will go smoothly.”

The couple plans to stay in Vancouver for six to eight weeks, provided Delhi’s recovery goes well.

On Tuesday, Karen was able to see both her husband and Pam, who were in some pain, but “not too frustrated.” Pam was already out of bed and Delhi’s new kidney was working.

Karen and Cole were “very grateful” for Pam’s willingness to donate her kidney, and her kidney was a match.

“It’s incredible to see how our family was connected before, even though we’d never met before,” she said.

On Sunday, Delhi underwent what was hoped to be his final dialysis treatment. There were also concerns that his hemoglobin level was too low for him to undergo surgery and that he was suffering from internal bleeding, but doctors cleared him to have a transplant surgery on November 21.

A GoFundMe campaign was launched to help relieve financial stress while Delhi and his family recover. The campaign has so far raised him over $2,600.

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A stocky man has a successful kidney transplant

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