A new study in Canada highlights a unique challenge for female entrepreneurs, The Canadian Business Journal

Ottawa, March 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — All entrepreneurs face challenges in building their business, but these challenges vary by gender, according to a new study by the Canadian Conference Committee. .. The study states that one of the key challenges women face compared to men is financing from venture capital firms. Despite this barrier, research shows that women-led start-ups generate 10% more revenue in five years than men-founded start-ups, highlighting significant investment opportunities.

“Growing a business from an idea to a multi-million dollar company is difficult for everyone, but our research shows that women take more time to raise money to travel more difficult routes and venture capitalists. We faced some unique challenges in marketing to capitalists, “says Lauren. Florco, Senior Research Associate, Human Capital, Council of Canada.

The main findings of the survey are as follows.

  • While female entrepreneurs have found limited active outreach from venture capital firms, many men have wanted to invest in their venture capital firms.
  • Compared to men who tend to rely on angel investors, friends and family, women tend to fund their business.
  • When marketing to venture capitalists, female entrepreneurs emphasized the sustainable growth of the company, and male entrepreneurs emphasized the potential for rapid growth of the company.
  • Women tended to prioritize company-wide integration in order to fully establish organizational values ​​and ensure a strong and inclusive culture.

Dr. Susan Black, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Conference Committee, said: “Importantly, it provides insights into the venture capital community, providing Canadian female entrepreneurs with better access to equity finance while at the same time gaining greater financial gain.”

Lauren Harris, Managing Director of Northleaf Capital Partners, said: “Understanding these gender differences is a positive step in helping future entrepreneurs and will benefit the entire venture capital ecosystem.”

“This research is a really important task. It highlights our progress, but there are still big gaps and challenges for female technology entrepreneurs in Canada,” said BDC Capital’s Women’s Technology Venture Fund Money. Jing partner Michelle Scarbara said. “Everyone is deliberate and willing to break down the existing barriers faced by women-led start-ups and ultimately create a culture that supports the investment and long-term success of all Canadian entrepreneurs. You need to work consciously. “

The survey is available here. The media should contact for questions and interview requests.

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A new study in Canada highlights a unique challenge for female entrepreneurs, The Canadian Business Journal

Source link A new study in Canada highlights a unique challenge for female entrepreneurs, The Canadian Business Journal

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