A Local Couple Partners with a Prince Albert Business to Fund Jessie’s Garden

Bonnie Sanderson works in one of Jessie’s Garden greenhouses. — Herald file photo

Local families are invited to Dufresne Furniture for a special Christmas event in support of Jessy’s Garden on November 27 and December 4, 11 and 18 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Dr. Java’s Coffee House provides Santa’s coffee, hot chocolates and treats to all visitors.

Professional digital photos taken during the event will be emailed to you, and all donations will go to seeds to kick off the 2023 season of Memorial Community Gardens.

Michelle Persaud of M-Edge Photography said the idea for Pictures with Santa was inspired by all that she and her husband, Greg, started going to Jessie’s Garden in the summer and are doing for the Prince Albert community. He says that he came up with the idea after being asked to do so.

“[Owners]Bonnie and Mel[Sanderson]have to be the friendliest people I’ve ever met,” said Michelle. “When we saw them working in school groups, we wanted to help them more.”

Michelle said Jesse’s garden is like Christmas all year round.The Sandersons are all about giving to those in need. Something Persaud and her husband wanted to pay in advance.

“They are truly amazing people and it’s incredible what they are doing for our community and the amount of work they have to put in each year to grow that garden. It’s hard work, but they keep doing it every year,” Michelle said.

Dufresne Furniture manager Greg said it was an easy partnership because both the business and Jessy’s Garden are about making lives better. After stumbling across the garden over the summer and chatting with Mr. and Mrs. Sanderson, Greg and Michelle learn that Mel and Bonnie have been working in the garden countless hours.

“As a brand new to the Prince Albert area, we are excited to do whatever we can to help our community,” says Greg. “We love being part of the community, and besides knowing that this is a great opportunity for Jessy’s Garden, we think it’s equally beneficial to showcase what Dufresne is all about.”

In an interview with the Herald on Tuesday, Bonnie said that after the Perso family approached her and her husband about funding Jessie’s Garden in the fall, they all stood by it.

“Michelle and Greg did it all. They were absolutely amazing,” she said. “Michelle and Greg have put so much time, energy and love into this project and we are so grateful to these businesses for supporting us.”

She and Mel said they can’t wait to see Jesse’s garden family again before the holidays and see the excitement Santa brings to the kids.

“I’m looking forward to seeing so many happy little faces. I hope they’re happy to see Santa,” Bonnie said.

Jessie’s Garden is a memorial community garden located 20 kilometers east of Prince Albert on Hwy 302 East. They make fresh, locally grown, pesticide-free produce that is affordable for everyone, regardless of income level. The gardens are run by the team of Bonnie and Mel in honor of their late daughter, Jessie Lee, who passed away in 2008.

According to their website, the couple purchased four acres of farmland in 2009 and each year, along with a team of volunteers, plant a wide variety of produce and distribute thousands of pounds of organically grown food to the homeless and disadvantaged. donating. All in memory of Jesse.

Those who can afford it are asked to pay $12.50 per bag, and those who don’t are asked to participate in the Hands Up program to exchange volunteer time for their own produce. During her six months of the year the garden operates, all money made from sales goes directly to the purchase of equipment, fuel, and anything else necessary to maintain the garden.

Last summer, Jessy’s Garden was able to feed the community by donating over 1,000 pounds of produce to the James Smith Cree Nation. With her team of 21 volunteers, including Persauds, Bonny and Mel were able to clean, pack and ship vegetables from the garden to First Nations to make the cook’s job easier.


A Local Couple Partners with a Prince Albert Business to Fund Jessie’s Garden

Source link A Local Couple Partners with a Prince Albert Business to Fund Jessie’s Garden

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