A heartwarming new trailer unveiled at “Love on the Spectrum-USA”

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After Netflix’s viewers’ positive reaction to “Love on the Spectrum,” the Australian reality show records the difficult dating adventures of different people in the autism spectrum and prepares for the arrival of the US version. Is done.

“Love on the Spectrum-US” features a variety of American singles, each in the autism spectrum. They are doing their own search for love.

On Wednesday, May 4th, Netflix unveiled a trailer for the first look of its US debut season, featuring the cast of a life-long single.

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“My ideal partner is someone you can count on,” says Dani, one of the autistic singles. “We want to depend on each other.”

Another Steve shares his own wishes. “It’s an absolute dream to have a nice woman.”

And although they may be at different degrees of the autism spectrum, they are all looking for basically the same thing. “Respect, understanding, and a lot of love,” says one of the subjects of the series.


“Love on the Spectrum-US is an insightful and heartwarming documentary series for people with autism to navigate the world of dating and relationships,” Netflix said in an official overview. ..

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“Following the success of the award-winning Australian series, this US-based series tells the story of a unique and diverse cast of characters looking for what we all want to find and love. increase.”

“Love on the Spectrum-USA” will premiere on Wednesday, May 18th.

A heartwarming new trailer unveiled at “Love on the Spectrum-USA”

Source link A heartwarming new trailer unveiled at “Love on the Spectrum-USA”

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