A beginner’s guide to using apps and gadgets to grow healthier plants

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some people There seems to be a “green thumb”—Natural affinity A foliage plant that can grow anything, anywhere. I am not one of these people.The only way I can grow something is to ignore my natural instincts, Break things down logically and follow a strict schedule. But my plants Live forever thanks to technology It helps How much guesswork do you take LitNutrients, and the water my plants need..

Download the light meter app

Different types of houseplants breed at different light levels, but if you’re not sure if the figs in your living room are receiving “bright, indirect” or “moderate” lighting, a light meter can help. .. These gadgets accurately indicate the number of footcandles or lux that the plant is receiving. Such a database Will tell you how much they need..You can pay around $ 1,500 for a highly accurate spectrophotometer Also Buy one $ 10 AmazonBut for most of us, the best solution is to download many ones Free light meter app for your phone.. Different apps have different functions, but Please read a littleOr try a lot of free ones.

Buy a cheap soil meter

In the days of the caveman, people poked the water in the soil of foliage plants and said:Up, iIt’s moist, “but it doesn’t tell you what’s going on under the surface. With a very important root ball, it does not provide information about the PH balance of your soil you need to know to fertilize Properly.. To do that, you need a meter.There are many there This song kill kit Good basic choice Measures moisture and pH, includes exposure meter and gets excellent reviews online..And met less than retail price $ 25.

Use an automatic watering system

If you regularly put your plants on or under waterYou need to think about an automatic watering system to get rid of your corrupt human hands from you House Horticulture.. There are all kinds of automated home irrigation solutions, many of which are surprisingly cheap. This USB or battery powered system from sPlant From a small bite of ponytail palm, you can set different watering schedules for up to 10 foliage plants. Always in completely moist soil for thirsty sedges.

Buy an indoor weather monitor

So you have the soil PH, Moist, And light level You have dialed in completely, but do you offer the right? Humidity and temperature?? Sure, you need a hygrometer and a thermometer (or a combination of them) to check.It is recommended to choose one of these Fisher Scientificec-Although the price is high, it can provide sufficiently accurate measurements for scientific clean rooms and laboratories.Or you can go with this “Home Weather Station” Connect to your phone and measure air quality Surrounding sounds in case someone yells at your plant instead of speaking in a calm tone to your plant. Combining either of these with a humidifier or dehumidifier can provide optimal indoor air moisture for foliage plants.

Use growth lights as needed

It’s time to free our houseplants from the whimsical whimsical of the oppressive sun! Instead of relying on a distant fireball, you can give the plant all the light. This makes the plant a god. There is a lot of information and discussion online about the relative benefits of fluorescent and LED and natural light, warm and cold light, and more. I’m not going to touch it It ’s a stormy sea, but it ’s here. A good, basic overview.

Invest in a hydroponics system

If you want to hydroponically grow plants However I have no idea what you are doing, you can buy the entire hydroponics system online for quite a bit Affordable. This Vivosun grows a tentfor example, For just $ 339, we offer adjustable LED lighting, fan systems, air filter systems, and more in a light-tight Mylar tent.It’s good if you want a fully controlled, sealed environment for your plants to be themselves option. (I think it’s good to use it to grow weeds.)

If you want to track your growth, use a time-lapse camera

Your plant doesn’t just exist spaceIt exists in time Man, too. And there is nothing like a time-lapse camera that monitors the progress of plants, from hopeful seedlings to brown underwater shells. Your phone can provide time-lapse photos, but this is not a good solution as you need to check Twitter. Instead, consider a dedicated time-lapse camera that points to plants. You can spend thousands of dollars on your camera system or buy one that is completely repairable for less than $ 50. This comparative article from is where to start your research...

Use electric predators to drive off pests

The motion sensor electric owl is designed to prevent pests from interfering with plants in the garden, but there is no law that pests cannot be placed to protect foliage plants.this Walmart electric predator Looks like a great horned owl, and it is It turns towards the detected movement and emits amazing noise. You need Fake coyote When Fake goose, that too.What else will it be I’ve acknowledged??

A beginner’s guide to using apps and gadgets to grow healthier plants

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