8 Best Programs for Creating Video Presentations

Video presentation programs are an indispensable tool when you don’t have the budget to fully develop a video presentation from a pro, so we’ve selected 8 tools that you can use to make one yourself. Here are the tools that work online without downloading programs to your computer.


This tool is similar to tonybet in terms of offers, as it provides access to over 1 million free videos, images and music tracks: you don’t need to know how to draw or shoot to work with it.

You can choose a template from the library or start creating a video presentation from scratch using your own work. The tool is easy to use and will be good for those who are just getting acquainted with the technology of video presentations. The service has a training section with articles and videos for beginners.


You can sign up through your Facebook or Google account. Powtoon immediately offers to sign up for a useful newsletter and does not require you to fill out additional forms.

The key feature of the tool is animation. You can upload your presentation to PowerPoint and refine it, or you can start creating video presentations from scratch. The service has many templates for different tasks – for example, for training or marketing videos. The user interface is intuitive. You do much the same thing you do with PowerPoint or Keynote – just drag and drop objects on your slides.

You can download the result of your work or share it on social media (Facebook, YouTube) or special platforms like Vimeo.


Wideo uses templates to create professional videos for marketing, internal communications, social media and more. After registering, the tool offers a tutorial video right away.

Wideo resembles PowToon. Its difference is that you can move on the timeline with scrolling (PowToon measures segments by the length of the animation of a particular slide). Then you have to choose a suitable template. Wideo has hundreds of them. Feel free to edit the chosen template however you like and then share the video on Facebook, YouTube or download it in MP4 format.

You can use the service for free, but you will be limited to 10 templates and 1 min video timeline. Then as the price of the tariff increases, the number of features provided increases.


This tool is a full-fledged video editor and does not specialize only in creating video presentations. You can sign in through Facebook or Gmail.

There are templates for animated titles, audio, transitions, and backgrounds. Once you’re done with the editor, you can download or export your video to Google disk, Dropbox, YouTube or Vimeo. On the free version, only downloading at 852 x 480 resolution is available. To use video in HD or 4K, you will have to pay.


You can sign in to the service through Facebook or Google. After registering in the menu at the top, you can choose what type of video presentation to make and see the relevant templates.

Once you select a template and go to the editor, prompts will pop up. First, you divide the presentation into topic blocks and edit the text. Then you can change the color palette and add audio. Next, you go into a preview of what you’ve got. You can only download videos on paid plans. All Biteable videos have a resolution of 1280×720 (HD TV).


Over40 free templates are available to you. Their styles range from PowerPoint to 3D models. You can add videos to your slides and apply interesting effects. All you have to do is add specific information and data to the video presentation.

PowerPoint users can redesign their presentations – Emaze imports PowerPoint slides. When you’re done, you can export your work in HTML5, video, or as an iframe tag. The video presentation can be saved locally or in the cloud.


This is a tool based on HTML5 technology that allows you to play content on any device, from desktop to mobile.

There is a free marketplace with animated characters for beginners. You can use your own content if you want: create forms, import images and draw. The settings are endless and don’t limit your creativity. You can also add audio and sound effects to make the story evoke the desired mood.

Lumen 5

The original idea of Lumen 5 is that the user uploads the desired URL, such as a post from a blog, and the artificial intelligence assembles a finished video presentation from this. A few years later, the creators developed this idea and got a revolutionary software for video creation. There is a desktop version and a mobile app.

There aren’t many ready-made templates in Lumen 5, but its main purpose is to turn your existing content into video presentations. You can manually add photos, videos, and music. A premium subscription opens up access depending on your subscription level, you can add exclusive content from Getty and Shutterstock to your presentations. The time limit is 5 minutes or 20 images.

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