7 Top Benefits of Transcription Services for Your SEO Rankings

Both corporations and startups realize the importance of online presence in the modern world. People who want to be successful simply can’t ignore the recent trends. They do their best to gain first positions in google search, as most users do not even go to the second and first result pages. Still, with so fast-changing trends and algorithms in SEO, you never know what to expect the next day. As a result, SEO specialists should always study the market and use advanced tools to reach the company’s goals. This is when transcription services like Transcriberry can greatly help you boost SEO Rankings. Unfortunately, not everybody is aware of all associated benefits. Do you still hesitate if a transcription makes any sense? Let’s discover how transcription services can play into your hands.

Why is Transcription Important for SEO?

It is not necessary to be an SEO specialist to know that text is the king when it comes to SEO optimization and rankings. Nowadays, people prefer scamming the text instead of listening to audio/video. They do not like the idea of wasting time on the introduction and want to get down to business at once. All this is what text can provide them with. Despite how great your media files are, they are worth nothing for search engines. With such files, you can only add a relevant meta title and description. Agree hoping that these meta tags will help you is not the best idea for promoting your website. You need to make your content indexable, searchable, and keyword-optimized. Simply put, you should allow the search engine to work with your files and make your site closer to the potential users. Transcription services are a great way to boost your SEO visibility, and that is why.

Learning and Expanding Audience

Not everybody can listen to media files at work, for example. By adding audio transcription, you can expand your current audience. Some users also like text more than audio as it gives quicker access to necessary information. A clear transcription helps install a better connection with non-native speakers. Simply put, if English is not the native language for some people, they can hardly understand unfamiliar words in audio or video files. With text on the page, they can check the word in the dictionary and go back to the content again.

 Boosting Content Consumption

With audio to text transcription, you let the users decide whether to listen to your podcast or read the text. This way, you will help them find necessary information quicker, which is great in case they are doing some research. Text on the same page will enhance the content consumption. People really appreciate the resources with multiple options. The next time they seek necessary material, they start with exactly such a website. That’s why you should mind text-based alternatives or subtitling your videos.

Indexation in Search Engine

Adding video or audio files to your site will not let the search engine crawl and index them. Google bots just do not deal with such content, meaning that you lose a chance to appear to the users. Having a transcript of audio content is more beneficial in this case. As a result, Google bot identifies your content, analyzes and indexes it. In other words, the more valuable content you provide, the higher chances for your SEO ranking are. You can easily become a leader in your industry.

Backlinks from Relevant Websites

A text version of your media files lets you add important links and provide a deeper focus on the entire content. It means you can start promoting different pages of your source on the web. This way, you can also partner with relevant sites and exchange the audience. For example, you add some interviews and then start a cross-promotion campaign with this guest. A number of backlinks are very important but still not as important as the authority of the resources. That’s why the partnership with relevant websites is a great benefit for your SEO ranking.

Keyword Optimization

A clear transcription of the video or audio file will surely include important keywords. Users type definite keywords to find necessary content. Simply put, they act as an intermediary between websites and people. Mind this rule while adding the content to your web resource. Do not neglect keyword optimization, as it is one of the most important elements of high SEO ranking.

Repurposing Content

Let’s imagine that you used your media content for a definite purpose. Later, you can repurpose it with the help of a transcription service. This way, you get different media formats to use in slideshows, ebooks, etc. The more various ways you use to deliver the main message, the more potential users you can reach and then impact them.

Advantage Over Competitors

Let’s face the truth, and not all resources add a reliable transcription. Having good-quality text will be a great advantage over your competitors. The decision to approach a professional service will be the best idea in your strategy as well as a big loss for your competitors. Being one step ahead is a great way to occupy leading positions in your sphere.


Web presence is very important for companies of any size these days. When you publish media content on your resource, you bring your presence to life. Still, it is not enough in case you want to reach more people and make your company a leading market player. Exactly machine or human-generated transcripts can add SEO strength to your resource. The texts are what Google bots index, helping your target audience reach your website. Having clear transcriptions assists the users in understanding presented content better and bookmark the resource.


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