7 solid skin care bars to try out more eco-friendly cosmetology routines

New crops of minimally packaged products make sustainability more acceptable.

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Only 9% of all plastics are recycled. That is, almost all bottles and bottles that clutter the countertop are eventually dumped in landfills. Good news? New crops of minimally packaged skin care products make sustainability more acceptable.

First, the old-fashioned soap bar, which became unpopular in the 80’s, shines with its rich scent and gentle skin-loving ingredients. After that, moody shampoo packs began to appear everywhere, and more recently in drugstore aisles. And now it’s skin care’s turn. The solid skin care bar, which contains the same ingredients as the reliable product, is rejuvenated by the heat and friction of the body and melts into the skin, providing the same satisfying experience as creams and lotions. Formulas are sold in high-concentration “naked” or compostable packages, use less water during manufacturing, require less shipping space, and in most cases completely eliminate plastic waste. .. And they also help a lot. One bar lasts an average of 3-4 months with daily use.

Below are some of our favorite solid skin care options.

Dumitive Room Jelly Serum Bar

Contains jojoba oil and jojoba oil to increase moisture, soothing and brightening licorice extract. Vitamin CThis pint-sized solid serum bar feels like water, but is packed with serious hydration punches.

$ 58,

Naked cleansing balm with lush sleepy face

This package-free cleansing balm contains cocoa butter, jojoba oil, and iripe butter to dissolve makeup and wash away excess oil without peeling.

$ 14,

Ethic Perfector Solid Face Cream

Ideal for dry and sensitive skin, this moisturizing stick contains hyaluronic acid, kokum butter and babassu oil. Swipe directly from the paper tube for a clean application.

$ 41,

Attitude Mineral Sunscreen Stick

The reef-friendly SPF 30 sunscreen stick from the Canadian brand Attitude, available unscented or with two delicious scents (Tropical and Orange Blossom), is packaged in a biodegradable push-up paper tube.

$ 20 each,

Keel’s Ultra Facial Hydrating Concentrated Cleansing Bar

Formulated with one-fifth the water of Kiel’s liquid cleanser and packed with moisturizing squalane, this solid cream cleanser turns into a nourishing foam with a few drops of water.

$ 25,

Kate Macloud Face Stone Solid Moisturizer

A gentle blend of nine skin-loving ingredients, such as rosehip oil and kokum butter, brightens and moisturizes the skin.

$ 100 for refills,

Super Zero Relaxing Lavender and Chamomile Hand Balm Bar

This solid hand balm is made from squalane and abyssinian oils and infused with soothing scents for a luxurious experience.

$ 28,

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7 solid skin care bars to try out more eco-friendly cosmetology routines

Source link 7 solid skin care bars to try out more eco-friendly cosmetology routines

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