7 Most Watched Movies On Netflix In Canada

Netflix is known for being the one-stop solution for all things entertaining. You can find movies and tv series that are far wide in their genre and storylines but perfectly encapsulating. The streaming world in Canada is so enchanting that one can’t help but get lost in time and as soon as you notice five hours are gone by.

So what is making noise these days? What are the popular films on Netflix Canada? Well, here are the top 7.

Catching Killers

Are you down for crime and psychological thrillers? If so, this one will entice you the most on the list due to its harrowing details and emulation of real-life events. Many serial killers have come and gone in history but some of them have left a deep imprint due to their capability to astound and shock us with cruelty and inhumane tactics. But what about a movie that takes direct interviews with the victims? If you would like that, make sure you add Catching Killers to your list. A movie that takes the gruesome details from the victims of the serial killers and leaves no room for censorship. Everything they tell you happened and that is the real terrifying part.

Tall Girl 2

A lot is said about the Tall Girl original (apparently one of the best films on Netflix Canada), from its depiction of a tall girl as a minority to the wrongful perception it tried to create. But that’s the actual crux: controversy sells. And this is exactly the reason why we have a sequel to the original Tall Girl movie in the first place. But hey, this wanna-be high school music is now exploring new friendships.

It shows you how a simple girl becomes famous just because of her height and that changes her dynamic with existing friendships. But that’s not it, new friends are found and relationships are intensified. You will relate to this flick if you too suffer from insecurities and similar problems.

Despicable Me 2

As opposed to a popular belief, Despicable Me 2 is made for adults and kids alike. It follows the original by having Steve Carell voice the character of Gru. Gru is your supervillain who wants to steal the moon and has employed minions to help him succeed in this mission. But in this sequel, you find him finding a love interest as well as a change in profession. The antagonist is no longer the bad guy as he has joined the league of heroes and he tracks down the bad guy to save the world.

The Tinder Swindler

A documentary that will blow your mind because of the fact that the perpetrator is roaming free while his victims are shedding tears of debt and loan. Would you believe that one left swipe would put you in debt of thousands of dollars? This isn’t a story about love at first swipe, but it is about a con man who steals in one swipe.

How does it all go? He managed to trap a bunch of women in his trap by selling them lies and wooing them with words. He stole their money and it led to a court case and a couple of months of jail time. But what happened to the actual victims? Watch this deliciously calculated, Tinder Swindler on Netflix.

The Power of the Dog

This western drama is labeled as a brokeback sociopath because of its dark storytelling. By the title itself, you can tell the story would have themes of religion underplay; the power of the dog is a bible verse. The movie follows a brother who is upset when his brother brings home a new wife and a son.

There is one brother dying of anthrax poisoning, who is behind it? Your guesses may be far from the truth. Watch the disturbing tale for the storyline and deeply infatuating but skin-crawling performances.

Tick Tick Boom

Tick, Tick, Boom is what people call the return of Andrew Garfield and his favourite white boy of the month image. The actor received an Oscar nod for his brilliant performance. This autobiographical musical is based on Jonathan Larson who wants to make a mark on this world before he turns 30.

The clock keeps ticking and he is short of time, will he manage to achieve what he sets out to do? The path and journey is the actual victory because they are so layered and nuanced making you want to notice every single detail.

The Lost Daughter

Last but not the least, The Lost Daughter has a promising cast. Written by Maggie Gyllenhaal, this movie is absolutely pathbreaking. A professor is on vacation when she meets a young woman and her daughter.

Her interaction with the mother-daughter duo becomes creepy as she gradually becomes completely besotted by them. She starts recalling her own past and her relationship with her daughter. The movie is currently available on Netflix in Canada and is getting Oscar buzz.

In Conclusion

Hope you enjoyed the list of 7 popular movies that are currently trending on Netflix Canada. From Catching Killers to Despicable Me and Tick Tick Boom, the list is versatile, offering genres that cater to a mixed bunch of audiences.

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