7 Easy Ways to Ask a Girl Out On a Date

Asking a girl out on a date for the first time is one of the most difficult tasks for a man. Although, some theorists think it’s very simple – just a phone call. In reality, a rapid heartbeat and nervousness are the bare minimum that even the most fearless guy will face. But we would like to bring to your attention 9 tips on how to ask a girl out on a date with ease. If you follow them, then you are guaranteed success and your invitation will be a key step towards starting a relationship.

  1. Make sure a girl is single

Before asking her out on a date, find out her status. A girl can be married, living with a boyfriend, in a relationship, or generally disinterested in men (well, anything can happen). Try to do a little research and dig for information on social networks or find mutual friends who may know something you need. Understanding that your sweetheart is single gives you the green light to take action.

  1. Be clear about your purpose

If you decide to ask a girl out by phone, keep in mind that you are calling not to talk of one thing and another, ask how things are going, or just hear her voice. You have a clear goal and your call is just a means of achieving it. By the way, if you really want to go on a date with the girl, then you will have to call and ask her out sooner or later anyway. Moreover, it is always better to invite women on a date by phone, even if you met on a dating site such as, and have an opportunity to write a message in the chat.

  1. Speak clearly

Do not talk in circles and do not start speaking in beard. This will only make the task even more difficult for you, because after a few “crumpled” phrases, you may want to quickly say goodbye to pull through this torment. Therefore, it is important to decide in advance what you will say and where you want to ask the girl out.

  1. Use the embellishment technique

Invite a girl not to “Drink coffee”, but to “Try the most delicious coffee in the city”, not “Go to the exhibition”, but “To visit one of the most important events of the year – a fashion exhibition of a young avant-garde artist…” Firstly, it is quite funny, and a sense of humor is the main assistant in the art of seduction. Secondly, the girl will understand that you are doing this especially for her, and her heart will begin to melt.

  1. “No” is not a reason to give up

First, don’t be afraid of rejection. Do you know which of the actual footballers has scored the most goals? Magnificent Cristiano Ronaldo. Do you know who has the most shot wides? Cristiano Ronaldo! Do you catch the connection? And the fact that Ronaldo is a champion in unscored goals will never make him stop playing football. After all, skill is reached by polishing victories through failures. Secondly, women’s “no” often means “be persistent and I will give up.” Maybe the girl is currently unable to go out on a date with you, but tomorrow…

But do not blandish or beg the girl. Even if she agrees to go on a date with you, she will do it out of pity. Do you need it? The difference between persistence and obtrusiveness is in intonation. In the first case, it is confident, in the second – pleading.

  1. Choose an appropriate place for a date

Just think whether a place where you are going to invite a girl can be uncomfortable for her? For example, you take her to the flicks, which sounds exciting, but… a movie is about a war. Or you ask her out to the beach, but the girl is not yet ready to parade in a bikini in front of you. In general, compare your desires with the desires of the lady and choose an appropriate place where she cannot refuse to go for objective reasons.

  1. Be yourself

This is perhaps one of the most important points. Communicate calmly, do not try to show yourself as a cool macho, do not disguise your voice, and do not use various feigned intonations. Remember how you behave in the company of friends –you are relaxed, self-confident, with normal speech and adequate interest. Be the same when you ask a girl out on a date.

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