7 Сheapest Сanadian Сolleges for International Students

Students from all over the world dream and are eager to study in Canadian colleges and universities. The popularity of Canada’s colleges is based on the great possibilities the educational system provides. For example, excellent educational facilities: access to online courses, computers with free Wi-Fi in any language, multimedia boards and projectors in each classroom, modern libraries with a huge electronic database of information sources, high-quality technical laboratories, and generally modern equipment set in all studying rooms.

Canada’s educational system is also favorable for international students. Foreigners with insufficient knowledge of the English language created programs for preparation for admission to educational institutions – Foundation Programs, Pathway Programs. Applicants who complete them have the opportunity to enter the university without passing the TOEFL or IELTS. During college education, students can always rely on and essay writing services its professional academic writers provide online.

That is why a lot of foreigners try to enter Canada’s colleges after school. A prestigious education has only one drawback – a high price. On average one year of studying in college costs approximately 18, 000 Canadian dollars. But there are some exclusions. There are some colleges where international students can study for a relatively cheap price.

1. New Brunswick Community College

Studying at NBCC, located in Moncton, you can choose one of 90 programs. For two years of studying in college, you’ll pay about 23,000 Canadian dollars: 12,000 for the first year and 11,000 for the second year of education. This price is considered low compared to the price for tuition at other Canadian colleges.

To enter college you need to have a high or secondary school and pass the IELTS exam with a minimum score of 6.0, the Band test score should not be not less than 5.5. In addition, you need to pass the Duo lingo test, and score at least one hundred points out of one hundred and sixty.

2. Holland College

The small Charlottetown city is famous for its picturesque beauty. The city is located by the sea, you can enjoy nature, and the fun festivals often take place. The college is based on the program of business administration. The price for a year of study also does not exceed 11,000 Canadian dollars.  Two years of study will cost about 22,000 Canadian dollars.

To enter college you must have a high school diploma. The IELTS test score must be at least 6.5 and the Band score not less than 6. You also should get a minimum of 105 points out of 160 in the Duo lingo test.

3. Medicine Hat College

Although the name of the college includes the word “medicine”, in fact, it does not relate to medical education. The international student will pay about 11,000 Canadian dollars for a year of college. The second year will cost about the same, i.e. in total, the figure will not exceed 22,000 Canadian dollars.

To enter college you need to have an IELTS and Band score of at least 6.0.

4. College of the North Atlantic

The college located in St.John’s is named after the region in which it is located. Since it is a small town with a population of just over 100,000 people, the tuition fee is lower than in large cities. A year of studying in this college costs 8,000 Canadian dollars. Therefore, two years of study will cost a student 16,000 Canadian dollars. Colleges in larger cities require a two-year fee at this university for one year of study, so this is an extremely advantageous offer.

To enter this college you need to pass IELTS at least 6.0, and Band at least 5.5. Duo Lingo test is not accepted.

5. Northern Lights College

There is always mild and warm weather in Dawson Creek where the college is located. The tuition fee at this college is lower than at colleges higher, just under 10,000 Canadian dollars. That is, the price for two years of study will not exceed 20,000 Canadian dollars.

To enter college you must take an IELTS test of at least 6.0 points. The band should not be lower than 5,5 points. Duo lingo tests are not accepted in this college.

6. Canada College

Canada College is located in a fairly large Canadian city, Montreal, with a population of about 2 million. The college was built recently and is quite modern. This is one of the exceptions when studying in a big city because the education in college costs less than 10,000 Canadian dollars. An international student will pay 16,500 Canadian dollars for two years of studying.

To enter this college you need to pass IELTS at least 6.0, and Band at least 5.5. Duo Lingo test is not accepted.

7. Herzing College

It is a college that is also located in Montreal, but with even lower tuition fees than in Canada College. For a year of study at this college, a student must pay 8,000 Canadian dollars, i.e. no more than 16,000 Canadian for two years.

To enter this college you need to pass IELTS at least 6.5, and Band at least 5.5. Duo Lingo test is not accepted in the college. Each of these colleges is special in its way. Some are located in large cities with large populations and some in small towns. Some are older and some are newer. But what unites them is that in all of them foreign students receive a high level of education at a relatively cheap price.

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