6 Canadian tech companies aiming for an IPO in

Despite the Covid19 pandemic, the stock market is rising in 2020. Stocks such as Apple, Amazon and Tesla rose 61%, 65% and 705% last year, respectively.

Canadian software companies don’t want to miss the hot stock market and hope to publish it in the coming months.

According to Globe and Mail, the following six tech companies will IPO in the coming months or sometime this year 2021: Farmers Edge Inc., Auvik Networks Inc., Vendasta Technologies Inc., Magnet Forensics Inc., Thinkific Inc. , Cymax Group Co., Ltd.

Let’s see what they are doing:

  • Farmers Edge is a world leader in digital agriculture that offers state-of-the-art solutions that leverage a unique combination of field-centric data, artificial intelligence and full integration.
  • Auvik Network’s cloud-based network management software keeps IT networks running optimally around the world. Own the network.
  • Vendasta is the leading end-to-end e-commerce platform for businesses that sell digital solutions to local businesses. Get started for free. It will get up and sell in a few minutes. Generates ordinary income.
  • Magnet Forensics – A world leader in digital research technology whose mission is to seek justice and protect innocent people.
  • Thinkific allows thousands of independent professionals and businesses to quickly create and offer compelling online courses on their site.
  • Cymax Group is building the technology to perform e-commerce. We serve as a powerful supply chain management solution for organizations of all sizes.

Canadian companies have had great success in launching an IPO last year in 2020. Companies like Nuvei launched at US $ 26 and stock prices have risen to over US $ 56. Companies like Dye & Durham were launched for $ 7.50 and are now worth more than $ 42.

With low interest rates, people have no place to put money other than the stock market and real estate. Both have been on a crazy rise lately.

Whether it’s hype or not, it’s good to be a Canadian software company now aiming for an IPO.

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6 Canadian tech companies aiming for an IPO in

Source link 6 Canadian tech companies aiming for an IPO in

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